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Oct. 11-21: LitFest — Get your tickets for LitFest, Canada's original nonfiction festival. It features dozens of events with writers from across the country and beyond, all sharing true stories and big ideas about culture, food, science, politics, and more. Includes sessions moderated by Adam Rozenhart of The Daveberta Podcast and Tim Querengesser of Walkcast.
Festival passes: $129; single tickets start at $12

Oct. 16 and 17: Creating and Promoting Podcasts — Join the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association on Oct. 16 in Calgary or Oct. 17 in Edmonton for a full-day workshop presented by Sarah Hoyles on how to create and edit podcasts and get them in front of your audience.
Tickets: $100 for AMPA members and students; $155 for non-members

Oct. 17: Who’s paying attention? The future of local tech coverage — Join APN president Karen Unland at Startup Week in Edmonton as she moderates a discussion with Speaking Municipally co-host and Taproot co-founder Mack Male; Disruption Magazine editor Cara Bedford; and Tara Struyk, vice-president of content for Janalta Interactive. They’ll discuss what has happened to the local media ecosystem’s ability to cover the tech scene, and what is in the works to replace what’s disappearing.
Free: Register

Oct. 17: Daryl Davis : ‘Klan We Talk?’ — The next installment of the Shift Lab Speaker Series on how to have difficult conversations about race features Daryl Davis, a Black musician who ended up interviewing several leaders and members of the Ku Klux Klan and writing a book about his experiences. Presented by the Edmonton Community Foundation.
Tickets: $10

Oct. 17: Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story — The Edmonton premiere of this documentary, co-produced by City of Champions host Shane Fennessey, plays at Rogers Place.
Tickets: $20

Oct. 20: Al Classico 2nd Leg — The Battle of Alberta Returns — Our soccer fans at Loyal Company of the River Valley and For Kicks would love it if you’d join them at the rematch between the FC Edmonton and Cavalry FC prospects at Clarke Stadium in Edmonton.
Tickets: $10

Oct. 22: Wolf Pack YEG talks geek culture — Join German Villegas of Modern Manhood and Next Gen Men at this gathering to discuss superheroes, comic books, video games, and what all of this has to do with masculinity!
Tickets: By donation

Oct. 22: Ray Muzyka on Entrepreneurial Leadership — The co-founder of BioWare shares his experience as an emergency room doctor, a video game entrepreneur and angel investor. Presented by the Mawji Centre, home of the Let’s Do Coffee podcast.
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Oct. 23: Nerd Nite #44: Exercise Your Brain! — Join your fellow nerds for beer and talks by We Are Alberta host and ATB economist Nick Ford, gym owner Mike Chomitsch and Stump Kitchen creator Alexis Hillyard. Co-organized by Daveberta producer Adam Rozenhart.
Tickets: $20

Oct. 25: Parity x Party: Alberta 2019 — Parity YEG, in collaboration with Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta, has put together a live dashboard to track women candidates for the next provincial election. Attend the launch, and hear special guest Allyson Connolly.
Tickets: $5

Nov. 1: #theStruggleYYC: Expecting the Unexpected — Join ATB Business at Work Nicer Roxbury to hear from three Calgary entrepreneurs who know first-hand what it’s like to face the unexpected, how it impacted their lives and businesses, and what each of them learned in the process. 
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Nov. 1: IABC Mortified: A Storytelling Event — Nothing teaches you more than a mortifying mistake. Come take pleasure in experienced communicators sharing their most embarrassing workplace mishaps and vote on your favourite at this event from IABC Edmonton, whose president is Amanda LeNeve, co-host of Tomato Radio.
Tickets: $10 to $15

Nov. 29: Trevor Phillips: "Equality and Integration: Why We Can't Afford to Fail" — The final instalment in the Shift Lab Speaker Series on how to have difficult conversations about race features a writer, producer, consultant and filmmaker who made the award-winning Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True. Presented by the Edmonton Community Foundation.
Tickets: $10

Jan. 24: New Ways to Reach Your Audience (or Customers) Online — Kyle Marshall of Media Lab YYC comes to the ATB Entrepreneur Centre in Calgary to discuss how video and podcasting can help you connect with your audience. He’ll discuss what type of content does the best, and how you can create stuff without neglecting the other parts of your business.
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Ongoing: ATB Entrepreneur Centre events — Check out the events listings for sessions all over Alberta to help you build your business. 
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Some of these events are put on by the network; some involve the network as a partner; some are just of interest to Alberta's podcast community; and some are put on by our sponsors. If you have an event to list, contact us at hello@albertapodcastnetwork.com.