Frequently asked questions

How do podcasts join the network?

For now, we are reaching out to Alberta-made podcasts that we think would be a good fit for the network. Eventually, there will be an application process.

The first members of the network are podcasters we had prior relationships with in Edmonton, where the network is headquartered. We have now added some Calgary-based podcasts, and are looking to expand our scope throughout the province.

What makes a podcast a good fit for the network?

We're looking for the following qualities: 

  • You come out regularly and predictably;
  • You’re willing and able to deliver the ads and send us the proof;
  • You’re willing and able to report your download numbers;
  • You’re willing and able to promote the network and the sponsors on your other channels;
  • You have the legal right to use your music, and you stay on the right side of the law with the rest of your content;
  • You don’t have any other sponsorship deals (if you have existing deals, let’s talk);
  • You seem like a good home for the sponsors;
  • At least one of your hosts is in Alberta.

What do member podcasts have to do?

Each network member is asked to do two things:

  • Acknowledge the network and presenting partner in every episode. We require members to say in their podcasts and on their other channels that they are a member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB. 
  • Make space for and deliver two ad spots in every episode. The network's community manager will assign the ads and provide guidance on what to say.

what do member podcasts get?



Podcasters will get paid $25 per episode, provided they deliver the sponsor messages and show proof. Payments will be made quarterly.

Member podcasts will be promoted by the network on all of its channels, both online and in real life. They will also be cross-promoted by fellow network members.

how do I become a sponsor?

Contact us at We will be in a position to start bringing on more sponsors in the fall of 2017.