Cross-polliNation joins the hive

We’re buzzing to tell you about the latest member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB!

Cross-polliNation is a podcast about creativity and innovation. The host, known as NBee, interviews “original cross-pollinators from different fields and different countries who’ve created new careers, new tools, new businesses or new ways to see the world by combining ideas, skills, talents and areas of knowledge.”

NBee is a curious and precise interviewer, and her belief in the power of cross-pollination really speaks to us at the network. There is strength in our eclecticism, and such interesting things emerge from the collision of the different worlds we bring together. Now we have Cross-polliNation among us to help us create even more cool stuff.

Cross-polliNation joins our roster of business and marketing shows, which includes Creative Block, A Branded World, Don’t Call Me A Guru and The WorkNotWork Show, as well as some of our affiliated shows — We Are Alberta and Perch from ATB, and Let’s Do Coffee from NAIT’s Mawji Centre.

The next episode of Cross-polliNation comes out this week. Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere else pods are caught. You can also follow the show on Twitter.

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