Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 18

This week's selection includes saucy talk about wine and historic talk about green onion cakes; groundbreaking women and introspective men; Cinderella and Virtua Fighter; polls and packaging; a music-infused showdown between two of our sports podcasters, and much more!



On this episode of Tomato Radio, Mary Bailey and Amanda LeNeve chat with wine gals Kim Theoret, Sasha McCauley and Dianna Funnell about pairing wines with various Easter meals. 
43 min
Trisha Estabrooks and Alex Zabjek of The Broadcast talk to Cold Lake's Hansa Thaleshvar about her political journey and how her success was built on a commitment to community. 
33 min
On Frank Reactions, Tema Frank interviews Glenise Harvey, owner of A&H Steel, about how she brought her learning from 28 years as a teacher to change the culture in a tough environment.
32 min
This week on I Don't Get It, Paul takes on Alberta Ballet‘s sparkling new Cinderella, while Fawnda brings guest reviewer Laura Raboud along for a taste of the “slow-theatre” movement at Wild Side Productions’ Poison.
27 min
On Press Start to Join's 'history' episode, Josh and Alan discuss the franchise recognized as being the first 3D fighting game, Virtua Fighter. Published by SEGA, and released in 1993, this series has four main sequels and a handful of spinoffs. 
33 min


German Villegas of Modern Manhood talks with Samantha Nzessi and Remoy Philip I, hosts of MASKulinity, a Brooklyn-based podcast. They discuss the genesis of the podcast and how masculinity is performed in their lives.
53 min
On Highlevel Showdown, Michael, Elliott and Sharon discuss the Alberta's latest budget, what the deficit number indicates and if should there be a sales tax. They also discuss confronting racism and Justin Trudeau's polling numbers.
57 min
Press Start to Join shares news of a Battlefront 2 update, and we learn the name of Josh's new cactus. He also recommends an unconventional RPG, and Alan recommends a brain exercise you should try.
52 min
The Young Gaffers sees Jason and Adam talking John Herdman’s first match as coach of Canada's men's soccer team. They also dissect MLS Confidential and discuss UEFA’s new rules for European club competition. Also, Zlatan Ibrahimović lands in Los Angeles… are you ready?
60 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Rachel and Steven discuss several NHL playoff races, as well as Connor McDavid's chance at the Hart Trophy, CWHL and NWHL winners, Steven's impending trip to Calgary and Rachel's quick trip to London, and more! Be sure to check out the notes and links.
53 min


Daniel Emberg wanted to know why green onion cakes (or 葱油饼) took hold in Edmonton when they did. He flew in from Winnipeg to join Chris Chang-Yen Phillips for a live panel at the Mercury Room to find out the answer on Let's Find Out. You'll hear restaurateur Siu To, Fringe veteran Marty Chan and curator Linda Tzang.
86 min
Packaging is the most intimate experience someone has with a brand besides the use of the actual product, and it can determine whether you keep or return it. In this episode of A Branded World, Luiza Campos talks to Evelio Mattos, one of the world’s top package designers, on the importance of getting it right.
62 min
On the 4th Line Podcast, Carl is ready to celebrate his victory in the 4th Line's fantasy league and Joel is disappointed with those who played against Carl. Plus, the Ducks and Connor McDavid, Don Cherry and the Senators, and the Dallas Stars heading to the Elimination Station. 
62 min
On this musical episode of Tight Ends, Vanda challenges Carl from The 4th Line Podcast to beat her picks for best players. It’s NFL vs NHL. Who will come out on top? Visit @thetightends on Twitter to choose the winner! They also talk random recommendations and how their March Madness is going.
77 min


Join us at CKUA on May 5 for a day of learning and connecting. Speakers include Rob Greenlee of VoxNest, Mike Russell of MusicRadioCreative, Roger Kingkade of National Talky League, Erika Ensign of Castria and more.
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