The UnDad joins the family


Today we welcome The UnDad Podcast into the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB!

The UnDad is the creation of Trent Wilkie, a longtime writer, journalist and performer in Edmonton who started blogging about parenting in 2014, shortly after he became a father.

Earlier this year, he started The UnDad Podcast, "a blunt and goofy take on being a parent in this bizarro modernity (by someone who didn't always want to be a parent)." Sometimes he does interviews with other parents, sometimes he shares audio of his two children and his wife, Elizabeth. Sometimes we get to hear works of fiction and sketches from Trent's endlessly creative mind. It's a trip.

If you're looking for a companion podcast in the network, it may go best with That's a Thing?!, a monthly conversation between a mother and her teenage daughter about media culture. Both let you hear a little bit of parenting out loud, in a way. Another connection is with Makeshift Stories, which Alan V Hare started many years ago to capture the bedtime stories he was making up for his son.

The UnDad takes the place of The Expats, Adam Rozenhart's delightful podcast about Canadians living abroad, which wrapped up production earlier this year. Adam's still with us, as producer of The Daveberta Podcast. You can find the whole family on the home page of

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