Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 35


This week's roundup features epic crossovers between Ed and I Don't Get It, and between Tight Ends and Hockey Feels, plus the roundup debut of 2 and Out, and plenty of worthy episodes about theatre, soccer, Halo, marketing, wrestling, food, masculinity, history, sex, Trek, mental health and politics.


Mexico City, 1969
On I Don't Get It, Paul and Fawnda take in Teatro la Quindicina’s The Importance of Being Earnest, and Tiny Bear Jaws’ Miss Katelyn’s Grade Threes Prepare for the Inevitable. Also, the end of VUE's free event listings.
25 min
The Nice Approach
On The UnDad, Trent Wilkie welcomes friend, comedian and retired teacher Ken Valgardson to engage in a discussion about comedy, teaching, parenting, and child bowels. It truly is a magical time to be alive.
21 min
This week's first instalment of the Best Wrestling Podcast has Johnathan and Matt discussing Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy, how "PG" shouldn't be used as a crutch, and the WWE Title scene as SummerSlam approaches.
23 min
On the Networker's Quest, Matt and Collette share some of their own tips on organizational strategies, communication, and the overall mindset needed to work effectively as a team player within a business partnership with your life partner.
29 min
The second instalment of the Best Wrestling Podcast sees Johnathan and Matt answering questions asked by you, the listeners. They discuss the underrated, the overrated, who they wish had a world title run, and much more. 
23 min 
Season 4, Episode 9
Luiza Campos draws on her experience helping General Electric get traction in Mexico on the latest episode of A Branded World. As she says, it's vital to understand the market you're entering.
25 min
133. Ceres Chapter 12 - Message Received
In a quick check in with the Northern Nerdcast, Dan Shessel gives a quick rundown of upcoming events that you won't want to miss! Plus, how to get sneak peek at their upcoming episode.
6 min


On Part 2 of Press Start to Join's Halo history episode, Josh and Alan cover what 343 did when they took the reins of the franchise, plus a little surprise awaits at the end. 
33 min
On a special episode from Press Start to Join, friend of the show Mike, a successful cosplayer who goes by the name Foam Forge Cosplay, shares his perspective on Halo’s influence. 
37 min
This episode of Modern Manhood has German Villegas and guest Tim Wenger tackling important questions like, "What does it mean to be a man?" and "What are the words you think of when you hear the word ‘masculinity?’"
42 min
Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
Krystal Anderson is a holistic health-care professional and owner of Little Bird Holistics in Edmonton. She joins Matt and Collette on The Networkers Quest to share her inspiring story.
39 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
This week on the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery is joined by Australian comedian Marcus Ryan to chat Latin-American food, Australian food myths, pizza going too far, and the potential joys of food while travelling. Plus, Vegemite!
38 min
On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan discuss how the platform you play your games on is linked to your experience, and modders spellchecking code. Plus, graphic novel recommendations.
37 min
In a first-ever cross-over episode for Ed, host Shane Lawrence is joined by the host of I Don't Get It, Fawnda Mithrush, to chat with Gerry Morita and Jody Vanderkerkhove of Mile Zero Dance. 
36 min


In this bonus episode of Assumptions, Kyle and Daniel interview their friend Lish Veldhuijzen to get her perspectives on sexuality, identity, being single, friendships and sex.
46 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
On Let's Find Out, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips dives into how Edmonton came to be known as a prairie city, and how figuring it out challenged his ideas about the land we live on. 
47 min
Ep 46:
Carl and Joel are back on the 4th Line Podcast to discuss the collection of extensions handed out this offseason, the Ducks bringing back their old logo, and the Summer Hot Seat. 
56 min
This week on The Young Gaffers, Jason and Adam talk the Canadian Premier League unveiling Vancouver Island’s Pacific FC, the Calgary Foothills FC, and the need for Canada’s player development pathway to expand beyond our borders.
59 min
On Girl Tries Life, Victoria Smith is joined by world-traveler, Instagrammer, and intuitive eater Jen Rawson to discuss her year of epic travel adventures with her husband.
51 min
Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty get you set for Week 7 of the Canadian Football League on the latest 2 and Out. Hear their predictions and fantasy football picks for this weekend's games. And it's not too late to catch up on the recap of last weekend.
46 min


Season 4 Episode 9
On I Have Some Notes, Gregg Beever and Scott Bourgeois are joined by Evan Adnams to share notes for one of the more questionable Trek films. The Next Generation films in particular form a quartet of mediocrity that partially inspired the creation of this very movie-fixing podcast!
68 min
On That's So Maven, Andrea Beça sits down with Blake Loates, photographer and mental health advocate, to talk about speaking up about mental illness and stepping away from solo entrepreneurship, struggling with collaboration, and more. 
72 min
On the Daveberta podcast, Dave and Ryan discuss Derek Fildebrandt‘s Freedom Conservative Party, Rachel Notley‘s role at the Council of the Federation meeting, Greyhound withdrawing from western Canada, and the mailbag. 
82 min
The Calgary Stallions
Loyal Company of the River Valley has Part 2 of Nate and Adam's discussion with the fan roundtable about the experience of the FC Edmonton launch. A keg was involved.
75 min
The Best of 2017
Vanda of Tight Ends is thrilled to welcome Steven Schapansky from the Hockey Feels podcast to chat ESPYs and NHL vs NFL, plus, what their respective leagues’ seasons may bring this winter. 
73 min


In addition to the Edmonton Community Foundation's Well Endowed Podcast, we'd also like to draw your attention to the ECF's excellent blog. Check out this recent post from the Edmonton Shift Lab's Ashley Dryburgh on how to begin to move the needle on the complex problem of racism.

Lunch with a Side of Opera

At ATB Financial, The Branch for Arts + Culture in Calgary teamed up with Cowtown Opera for a series of lunchtime concerts. Watch as two singers go head-to-head in an epic sing-off! And be sure to follow @atbfinancial on Twitter for more video vignettes from around the province.
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