‘We Are Alberta’ explores the economy

How to you talk about a province’s economy? Charts? Sure. White papers? That can work. But what if you explored it through the stories of people who are in the middle of it?

That’s what you get from We Are Alberta, a new podcast from ATB Financial and an affiliated podcast in the Alberta Podcast Network.

Economist Nick Ford is a big podcast fan, and his work takes him all over the province. He knew the stories were out there, and with the help of ATB’s crack communications team, he’s come up with a compelling way to share them.

Listen for yourself with Episode 1, which takes a look at the economic impact of cannabis legalization through the experience of the founders of Token Naturals, an Edmonton-based company aiming to sell cannabis-infused oils and drinks.

As you’ve heard many times on on our member podcasts, ATB listens. That’s how Nick and the team have surfaced the stories that We Are Alberta will tell, and the podcast will give you a chance to hear what they have heard.

ATB has made it possible for us to build this network, and we’re so happy to be able to harness our collective power to draw attention to this show. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!