Good news abounds at The Well Endowed Podcast

A lot of exciting things are happening over at The Well Endowed Podcast, so this seems like a good time to highlight our first affiliated podcast.

The Well Endowed Podcast is a production of the Edmonton Community Foundation, which acts as a bridge between donors and charities to help create a strong, vibrant community for generations to come. The foundation helps people create endowment funds (hence the podcast’s name), and the podcast tells the stories of donors and the community-building activities that their funds make possible.

We’re grateful to the foundation for its support of the network, and we’re so proud to have this excellent podcast affiliated with the network. We’re not alone in our admiration — The Well Endowed Podcast has been nominated for two Canadian Online Publishing Awards, in the business and consumer categories. (On the consumer side, it’s up against Let’s Find Out, one of our member podcasts and another community-focused show.) The awards are handed out on Nov. 14 in Toronto.

We’re blessed with more Well Endowed than ever before this month, as the team — made up of Elizabeth Bonkink, Andrew Paul and Lisa Pruden — is experimenting with a weekly schedule instead of a monthly one. So far this month, they’ve published Episode 25: ArtsCommon and Not-So-Common Arts and Episode 26: Investing in People (featuring an interview with Arlene Dickinson), and another is on its way. Be sure to subscribe in your podcatcher of choice so you don’t miss an episode. (Click on the image above for a 30-second teaser about the show.)

Finally, the Well Endowed team is looking for your input. Please take a few minutes to answer their listener survey to help guide future decisions about the podcast.

The Well Endowed Podcast paved the way for other affiliated podcasts created by sponsors, including We Are Alberta from ATB Financial; Back to School Again, created by Katrina Ingram in partnership with NorQuest College; and OtherWise, created under the auspices of the Ribbon Rouge Foundation with support from the Edmonton Heritage Council.

If your business or organization has a podcast or is thinking of starting one, we’d love to use the power of our network to draw attention to your work. Learn more about sponsorship, and get in touch at