'Overdue Finds' joins our collection

We have the great good fortune to announce another affiliated podcast — Overdue Finds from the Edmonton Public Library!

This biweekly podcast features Bryce Crittenden and Caroline Land in conversation with fellow EPL staff members about movies, music, books, and all kinds of pop culture and media that you can find at the library.

The collection is vast, and the staff’s taste is hugely eclectic, so you’re bound to hear about something that will delight you, whether it’s romance novels, Archie comics, scary movies or even podcasts. And, if you’re wondering about the revitalization of the Stanley A. Milner library downtown, be sure to check out Episode 23 with CEO Pilar Martinez.

Overdue Finds launched in April 2018 after Bryce attended our workshop on how to start a podcast. Just a few months later, the podcast was nominated for two Canadian Podcast Awards. Quite the success story!

Funnily enough, the Edmonton Public Library is indirectly responsible for this network existing. When your correspondent started podcasting, which seemed like a prerequisite for starting a network, she recorded many of her episodes in the EPL Makerspace’s soundbooths. Without that free and accessible start, we might not be where we are today.

Many thanks to the EPL for that initial boost, and for this sponsorship, which allows us to bring attention not only to Overdue Finds, but also our member podcasts, who spread the word about our sponsors. It’s a big, happy circle, and we’re thrilled to have such a wonderful institution within it.