Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 60


This week’s roundup sees the return of Bollywood is For Lovers with a new look and a comprehensive retrospective. We also offer some fantastic fiction and powerful marketing; opera appreciation and competitive drinking; hockey as poetry and as film fodder, the necessity of self-care and the power of dance; cuisine for curlers and food for comedians; educating teachers and teaching boys; and tons more!


On Not There Yet, Terence C. Gannon explores how and why some of the most powerful storytelling is done by companies who want to sell you something, even when — maybe especially when — there's no obvious sales pitch.
21 min
The Nice Approach
Makeshift Stories brings us another tale of Ken Likeley, the accidental interdimensional drifter. He inadvertently conjures a pocket universe with the anxiety he has rubbed into his favourite rock. How can he and his neighbours escape?
30 min
ICYMI, last week's episode of Speaking Municipally has Mack and Troy discussing a lack of data-openness, a  surprise green light, and ETS frustrations. The next episode should be out today at 4 p.m.
27 min
The UnDad, aka Trent Wilkie, went to a drinking game but didn't play the game but had fun because that is what games are all about. Hear the highlights of a recent podcasters' centurion.
27 min
Shane Lawrence of Ed spoke at this week's North Central Teachers' Convention, then recorded a live podcast with some fellow teachers. That show will be up in March, but in the meantime, here's his talk.
25 min


On The Read-Along, Scott and Anita discuss Chapter 4 of Moonshine, in which we are introduced to some antagonists, and the plot suddenly shoots into high gear.
35 min
Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
The outrage over the MAGA-wearing Covington boys at a protest in Washington prompts German Villegas of Modern Manhood to talk to a couple of educators about creating healthy role models.
35 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
On Healthy Lifestyle Design, Janet and Pamella find connections among women experiencing shifts in their health and wellness, and discuss the role of community to help cope with the feelings.
38 min  
On OtherWise, Jacqueline Karathra and Samantha Erron Gibbon delve into their respective dance traditions: Bharatanatyam and Jigging and Jingle dance. They share the significance of the dances and discuss the fine line between the appreciation and appropriation.
36 min
Jennifer Casa-Todd is a teacher-librarian with a passion for connections. She talks to Ed's Shane Lawrence about co-planning, co-teaching and co-assessing, and her work to help .We also talk about her work to help students use social media in a positive way.
42 min
Did you know there are some special curling clubs in town where food and drink are just as important as ice conditions? The Shamrock Curling Club is one of those places. Learn more with Amanda and Mary on Tomato Radio.
37 min
I Don't Get It went into the woods twice to follow two different sets of siblings, in two vastly different productions: Lake of the Strangers by Naheyawin, and Edmonton Opera's Hansel and Gretel.
34 min
On the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery chats with Juan Forno about pizza, seafood, sushi, Olive Garden and their mutual hate for olives, as well as the fundraiser Juan has coming up on Feb. 21 at Yuk Yuk's in Calgary.
32 min


On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan discuss a plant-powered prickled pugilist joining Smash Ultimate, and Facebook gathering data all dirty-like. Alan has an exhilarating recommendation, and be sure to check out their website for a list of free games available in February.
52 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
Creative Block has Kyle talking with Alex Williams. Alex did not like school, which is why, obviously, he's becoming a teacher. He shares his educational journey, and his interest in creating videos and podcasts. There's also talk of fake countries, being mad, and Mormons. 
50 min
Ep 46:
On City of Champions, Shane Fennessey brings some more culture to the podcast with Edmonton Opera's general director, Tim Yakimec. Tim walks Shane through the history of the opera, what goes on behind the scenes, and why Edmontonians should care about it.
57 min
This week on Girl Tries Life, Victoria  talks with Liz Tizzard about how to find yourself after you've been through a major life change. 
56 min
On A Branded World, Luiza chats with Prof. Henry Navarro about how brands taking a stand attract the right audience in the process.
54 min


Loyal Company of the River Valley has Nate and Adam looking at the latest batch of FC Edmonton signings and notes and rumours from around the league.
72 min
On Northern Nerdcast, Dan is joined with guest host Sam as they chat with Steven and Justin, the folks behind the Batman Fan Film Batman and the Court of Owls.
62 min
This week on Tight Ends, guest host Monique calls in from sunny California to chat with Vanda about the Snoozer Bowl and the best SB ads, and as always, they sing!
65 min
This week on Putting it Together, Darby Turnbull calls in from Melbourne to discuss his life as an actor and creator, and to offer insight to Kyle Marshall on "If Momma Was Married" from the musical Gypsy
66 min
The 4th Line is back and Carl, Joel and Nick dig into Jake Muzzin's trade to the Maple Leafs, and the Penguins getting Nick Bjugstad and Jared McCann. And this week, the Oilers are placed in the "Elimination Station."
62 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel talk about the Flyers and Carter Hart's hot streak, the Oilers' cold streak, the unveiling of the Stadium Series jerseys, and Rachel playing hockey in another NHL rink!
65 min
Bollywood is for Lovers is back after a long break with a megasode in which Matt and Erin discuss the most notable Bollywood films of 2018. 
145 min
I Have Some Notes sees Gregg, Colin and Scott joined by Robin Taylor of Cinematological to come up with some tweaks that would get Van Damme’s arena romp a green light, even today!
70 min


A new season of ATB Financial’s Perch, the Podcast is out! This time, they take a look at Alberta' entrepreneurs — from solopreneurs to small businesses to major operations— and how they are the beating heart of the economy.
15-24 min
The Nice Approach
The latest episode of The Well Endowed Podcast features an interview with Dr. Safiya U. Noble about her book, Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism. She'll be speaking in Edmonton on Feb. 20.
26 min
On the Park Power blog, learn how Ripple Design Studio has created a platform that allows both the general public and professional engineers to determine which energy sources are right for their home. 
Every month, join host and ATB economist Nick Ford as he explores Alberta’s geography, businesses, organizations, and diverse and fascinating people through an economic lens.
On Let's Do Coffee, Dan talks with Sylvia from Chartier, a French-Canadian cuisine spot located in Beaumont, just south of Edmonton. She shares what she's learned about starting a restaurant.
38 min
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