Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 65


This week’s roundup features the temporary return of Tyler Butler to Don’t Call Me A Guru, a double dose of Loyal Company of the River Valley, and the return of Tight Ends after a post-Super Bowl rest. You’ll also get advice on body positivity and podcasting for teachers; a look at liquor regulations and a reminiscence on grilled cheese; an important interview on player abuse in soccer; a fiery take on attitudes towards women’s hockey; plus Rose’s Turn, Avs vs Wings, magic, VR, ghosts and a massive preview of the coming provincial election.


If you struggle with loving your body in its current state, this episode of Girl Tries Life is for you. Victoria shares five strategies to garner body acceptance and body love.
11 min
On a fun episode of The Undad, Trent Wilkie shares some questions and answers he posed to close friends on the topics of ghosts. And then it gets a little political
30 min
The Read-Along dissects the next chapter of Moonshine, in which we follow the characters into "nature" for a day off, and ponder doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.
26 min


Speaking Municipally has Troy and Mack taking a deep look at liquor store rules with writer Mel Priestley. They also discuss the latest on the Mayfair Golf Club.
32 min
Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
On The Mess Hall Podcast, Avery Cochrane welcomes Gabriel Rutledge to discuss the perfect grilled cheese, cooking for family, and comedy.  
30 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
On Don't Call Me a Guru, Tyler Butler returns to chat with Linda Hoang about ideas sparked and lessons learned at the 2019 iMEDIA conference.
40 min


On Tight Ends, Vanda and hubby Frank look at the Giants trading Odell and keeping Eli, as well as other trades and the top performers in the NFL Combine.
59 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
On Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel discuss the playoffs in women's hockey and some questionable opinions about the leagues. They also get into analytics and suspensions.
59 min
Ep 46:
On The 4th Line Podcast, Carl and Nick to share an update on their bet, and chat Brad Marchand getting nosy, suspensions, playoff format, and more!
60 min
The Spy Who Loved Me: Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai
On a bonus episode of Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate and Adam take a look at the FC Edmonton schedule, the games they are looking forward to, and the opportunities for away game travel.
56 min
On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan discuss Nintendo cardboard VR and USB being super confusing. Josh has a new "bad description," and Alan recommends an unusual slice-of-life manga.
47 min
On Ed, Shane welcomes classroom teacher turned podcaster Sara Candela. They discuss giving students a voice and the opportunities that podcasting can provide for real learning and reflection.
47 min


The Nice Approach
Join Nate and Adam on Loyal Company of the River Valley as they chat with Tim Adams of Free Footie to catch up on how the program has grown in the past year, and the effects of the Alphonso Davies transfer.
64 min
On Putting it Together, Layan Elwazani returns to discuss Mama Rose's realization in the final number of Gypsy. Then, listen in as she and Kyle play "How Many Tonys Was This Show Nominated For?"
64 min
In anticipation of the upcoming Speech from the Throne and election call, Daveberta digs into the upcoming campaign, Brian Jean’s revenge, the creepy Prab Gill video, Joe Anglin’s candidacy, the SNC-Lavalin scandal, the state of the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta, and more.
102 min
For Kicks has Jessica and Katie recapping the Algarve Cup, then sharing their interview with Ciara McCormack about her soccer career and recent blog post: "A Horrific Canadian Soccer Story – The Story No One Wants to Listen To, But Everyone Needs to Hear." 
89 min


This week on Let's Do Coffee, Dan talks with entrepreneur Kelso Brennan, who found his business success by combining e-commerce and signage with companies like 310Sign, Banff Sign Company, and others. 
35 min
The Nice Approach
Are you overwhelmed by event planning? Or, do you love hearing about events gone wrong? This week on Overdue Finds, listen in for tips from EPL’s Fund Development Events Specialist, Hannah Whittaker.
68 min
Every month on We Are Alberta, host and ATB economist Nick Ford explores Alberta’s geography, businesses, organizations, and diverse people through an economic lens. This month, he takes a look at bitcoin mines.
24 min

The Nice Approach
The latest four-part series of ATB Financial's Perch includes talks with Dragons' Den's Manjit Minhas, and discussions surrounding new, millennial, and women entrepreneurs. 

On The Well Endowed Podcast, Lisa Pruden interviews Sphinxes, a hilarious improv group led by the female, trans, and non-binary cast of Rapid Fire Theatre. 
27 min
The Nice Approach
Follow our friends at Park Power on Instagram for fun facts like this: “Edmonton is the 3rd sunniest city in Canada — Calgary is 1st!" Bring on the sunshine!
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