Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 70


We’ve just come through a rough election campaign in Alberta, and Edmonton and Calgary voted for different parties, and there’s a lot of… feelings out there. We are feeling those feelings, too. Let’s just note that in this week’s roundup, we have podcasts from Edmonton and Calgary in peaceful coexistence, promoting each other, enjoying each other, connecting with each other in interesting and valuable ways. Onward.


Let Tomato Radio's Mary and Amanda get you up to speed on food and drink in Edmonton. They discuss Easter treats and where to get them, and some great events.
25 min
On Not There Yet, Terence C. Gannon reflects on the remarkable journey of Tiger Woods, and his improbable and yet maybe inevitable triumph at the Masters.
22 min
Another original story by Alan V Hare on Makeshift Stories: While tracking down a scam artist who disappeared with $200 million, a freelance insurance investigator finds herself sucked into a world of conspiracy theories.
29 min
As The Read-Along approaches the last few chapters of Moonshine by Jasmine Gower, Scott and Anita Bourgeois discuss a scheme hatched to lure the bad guys into a trap, and few more details about a mysterious figure.
24 min


Karen Unland returns to Kyle Marshall's Putting It Together, where they discuss whether Sondheim captures young love effectively in Hero's song in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
41 min

Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
Erstwhile producer Andrew Paul came back from visiting the land of the rising sun, which provided quite a bit of interesting conversation fodder for The UnDad's host, Trent Wilkie.   
33 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
Filmmaker and comedian Spencer Streichert comes on Creative Block to discuss some of the wild stories that have happened to him. Also discussed is standup, rodeos, and Christian Slater.
42 min
On Ed, Shane Lawrence talks to LaTezeon Balantine about how she makes a difference for her students, from listening and teaching to creating a crowd-funded school pantry.
34 min
German Villegas of Modern Manhood brings together a multitude of voices to explore why it's hard for some men, even very progressive men, to call themselves feminists.
43 min
On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan discuss an Apple scam and the recent Design and Game Awards. Alan plugs a book, and Josh's Literally Misleading game continues.
46 min
Paul returns to I Don't Get It to discuss Plain Jane Theatre’s production of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. And Fawnda is joined by her sister-in-law to recount their fiery flamenco experience.
32 min
On Speaking Municipally, Mack and Troy are joined by Anne Stevenson, a senior planner at the City of Edmonton to talk about the plan to updating the city's zoning regulations.
35 min
Avery Cochrane of the Mess Hall Podcast had a ton of fun talking about barbecue, New York pizza and Jamaican food with comedian and actor Drew Thomas during a recent stop in Calgary. 
34 min


Luiza Campos of A Branded World talks to Jan LaPierre, president of A for Adventure, about the importance of sound and how it can help differentiate you and much more powerfully express your brand message. 
48 min
On Northern Nerdcast, Dan and Chelsea are joined by Lindsay from Gamer's Den, a retail and gaming experience with classic and modern video gaming systems, trading card games, role-playing games, and Warhammer. 
53 min
This week's Girl Tries Life features Victoria Smith's conversation with art teacher, activist, doula and many other things… Julia Mooney! Among other thing's they discuss her One Outfit One Hundred Days project.
50 min


Coun. Bev Esslinger welcomed Shane Fennessey of City of Champions to her office at Edmonton's City Hall, where they discussed a wide range of topics relating to her life and her job, as well as the Blatchford development, LRT expansion, and more.
71 min
On The 4th Line, Avs fan Carl shares his experiences as a man behind enemy lines in Calgary. He and Nick also get into the rest of the first round of the NHL playoffs, as it stood at recording time, and be sure to stick around for Nick's end-of-the-show jingle.
66 min
The election that this episode of The Daveberta Podcast discussed is now over, and we know who won. But you'll still get plenty of interesting insights about what happens next from Dave Cournoyer and Ryan Hastman, with an able assist from Adam Rozenhart.
100 min
You knew this was coming. At some point, I Have Some Notes was going to get around to Michael Bay’s bombastic robot punch fest, Transformers. Colin, Gregg and Scott have many, many notes.
67 min
The Nice Approach
On Loyal Company of the River Valley, Adam and Nate talk about FC Edmonton signing Amer Didic, OneSoccer's free trial for streaming, and the CBC's decision to broadcast CPL games.
61 min
On Hockey Feels, Rachel and Steven express their surprise at the collapse of Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh. They also discuss Nazem Kadri's suspension, and the controversial IIHF Women’s final.
62 min


April is Poetry Month! On Overdue Finds, Edmonton Public Library writer-in-residence Matthew Stepanic joins Bryce Crittenden, Caroline Land and Kate Gibson to talk about zines, poetry, local talent and literary events. 
57 min
The Nice Approach
The Well Endowed Podcast from the Edmonton Community Foundation looks at how the Parkinson's Association of Alberta helps people. And Let's Find Out's Chris Chang-Yen Phillips explores the history of McLuhan House.
42 min
Kris Kasawki finds parallels between podcasting and what he does at Park Power, a provider of electricity and natural gas in Alberta. “The world is democratizing,” he says. “The information is out there. The access to do anything is out there."
The Nice Approach
Every month, join host and ATB economist Nick Ford on We Are Alberta as he explores Alberta’s geography, its businesses, organizations, and its diverse and fascinating people — all viewed through an economic lens.
Join host Rob Roach of ATB Financial on Perch, the Podcast as he talks with the experts, influencers and big thinkers who are shaping Alberta and tell the stories of what’s happening in our province’s economy.
The Nice Approach
NAIT's Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship has supported a wonderful first season of Let's Do Coffee. Dive back into a fantastic set of conversations with host Dan van Veelen.
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