What's up on the Alberta Podcast Network - April 27 to May 3


As we suggested last week, we’re working on a new format for letting you know what our podcasters and affiliates have been up to lately. This will likely continue to evolve, but for this week, we offer a series of thematic playlists featuring recent episodes.

Thanks to Listen Notes, you can grab the feed for any of these playlists and put it right in your podcast app. Just hit the “Subscribe” button on any of these blocks. You can also play them from this page.

The Calgary and Edmonton lists include episodes that are particularly rooted in their cities of origin.

In the Calgary list, you’ll spend some time with the Airdrie-based Carre-Nivore with our newest member, Eat More Barbecue, and nerd out about knives with Kevin Kent on The Mess Hall Podcast. You’ll also hear a reminiscence about getting a difficult project to take flight with Terence C. Gannon on Not There Yet.

On the Edmonton list, we have a trip to the Citadel to see The Tempest with I Don’t Get It; Tomato Radio’s chat with the couple behind Rge Rd; a visit with the Edmonton Radial Railway Society and an Indigenous career fair on The Well Endowed Podcast; two takes with Edmonton-area teachers on gaming in the classroom from the Northern Nerdcast and Ed; an exploration of that rude question so many newcomers hear on OtherWise; and a deep dive with reporter Omar Mosleh on covering the hate beat on City of Champions. (We’ll add Speaking Municipally to the list when we can, but it’s up now, with a look at speed reduction.)

Looking for some diversion? We offer an original story from Makeshift Stories featuring the world’s most curmudgeonly time traveller, Ken Likeley; The Read-Along dissects a wild chapter of Moonshine; Press Start to Join geeks out on God of War and Overwatch; I Have Some Notes does what it can to fix Star Trek: Insurrection, while Repodcasting does what it can to fix Batman v Superman; and Kyle Marshall explores two versions of Lovely from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Feeling sporty? We’ve got the latest FC Edmonton chatter from Loyal Company of the River Valley (come to their live show!). With the NHL playoffs on, The 4th Line Hockey Podcast and Hockey Feels have a lot to talk about. And you can hear the 2 and Out CFL Podcast tackle the draft.

We’re still working out what to call this category, but generally speaking, it’s got episodes on how to do better at business, life or whatever else you’re up to. A Branded World looks at lessons to draw from Netflix’s disruption of the video rental business; Girl Tries Life has an interview about dropping toxic relationships, and a coaching episode on a similar theme; The UnDad reflects on some examples of misguided parenting; Modern Manhood wonders why environmentalism is sometimes seen as unmanly; and Let’s Do Coffee gathers insights from Rob LeLacheur of Road 55.

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