We're growing with ‘This Is Adulting’


Being a grownup is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, This Is Adulting is here to help us learn some of those skills we were “supposed” to acquire along the way, or at least not feel so bad that we didn’t. And now the podcast is part of the Alberta Podcast Network!

Hosted by Danielle Newman and Jack Phavone, and produced by Lindsay Oulton, This Is Adulting is a twice-monthly show “about finding yourself in adulthood, discussing life influencers, and passing on what you’ve learned.” They often bring in guests to help them along the way, but sometimes it’s just a good, funny conversation between two friends who are at pretty different places in their lives but enjoy each other’s company a great deal.

You may remember Danielle from her star turn on I Have Some Notes in September 2018, when she joined our favourite armchair screenwriters to rework The Mighty Ducks. This Is Adulting was born not long after, and we have greatly enjoyed watching it grow.

This Is Adulting joins our other education and self-improvement shows. Be sure to subscribe, and follow This Is Adulting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Many thanks to our founding sponsor, ATB Financial, and our other sponsors for making it possible to bring more podcasts into the network.