'anticulture' adds a tile to our mosaic


We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve welcomed anticulture with Josiah Sinanan into the Alberta Podcast Network.

Josiah describes his show as “a cultural podcast that seeks to re-establish the North American concept of culture, by focusing on the stories of the unique individuals around us.”

Josiah was born and raised in Calgary, and went to France then Sierra Leone after graduation for further studies and experiences. He returned to Alberta in 2017, and started the podcast in 2018. He calls himself “culturally ambiguous, open-eared and always curious” — you’ll hear that come through in his interviews as he works to get past stereotypes and first impressions to reach true understanding.

Season 1 focused on interviews with a variety of Albertans. Season 2 went further afield to include guests from all over the world. He’s now in the process of planning Season 3, which will begin in the fall.

This makes an interesting companion piece to Calgary Culture: The Perspectives YYC Podcast, as well as City of Champions, which features interviews with folks with an Edmonton connection. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and follow it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Many thanks to our founding sponsor, ATB Financial, and our other sponsors for making it possible to bring more podcasts into the network.