Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 3


Here's the latest episode guide for podcasts in the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB. We've got movies old and new, local arts and martial arts, politics past and present, nerds and jocks, fact and fiction, and just about everything else you can imagine.

Walkcast: Ep. 04: Lost and Found by Tim Querengesser
To cap off #Noirvember on Bollywood is for Lovers, Matt and Erin look at two Noir-inspired films from one of Hindi cinema's most acclaimed and controversial directors, Anurag Kashyap.
I Don't Get It's Fawnda and Paul saw (and ate) Justine Chambers’ Family Dinner, caught some clowning and dead cats in Over Her Dead Body, and topped off the week with Indigenous dancers Lunacee and Creeasian accompanying A Tribe Called Red‘s set at the Starlite Room.  
Episode 5: Kelsey & Juanita Roos, Color de Vino by The Tomato Radio
On the final Side Notes of 2017 Erin Beever joins Colin, Gregg and Scott to discuss how to think about entertainment we love created by people we deplore. Also, a catchup on the latest Hollywood releases. 
Martial Arts and Masculinity w/ Jaredd Wilson
On Modern Manhood, German Villegas chats with Jaredd Wilson, a black belt Aikedo specialist who runs a podcast called Martial Thoughts out of Nashville, Tenn. He helps German understand martial arts better, and reveals how he views his own masculinity through martial arts.
Canada`s First — and Only — Female Prime Minister talks politics, feminism, and Trump
The Rt. Honourable Kim Campbell joined Trisha and Alex for a wide-ranging and frank chat on The Broadcast. She opened up about what gave her the confidence to run for the 1993 PC leadership, as well as sexual harassment on the Hill, and the need to re-examine our history.
PANDAmonium! - The Well Endowed Podcast
This week on The 4th Line Podcast, Joel broadcasts from beautiful Surrey, B.C., as Carl deals with the bad news that Gabriel Landeskog has been suspended for his cross-check on Matthew Tkachuk. 
The 108th episode of Highlevel Showdown has Michael, Elliott and Sharon looking at allegations of harassment within the City of Edmonton administration, plus the federal finance minister's troubles. 
That's So Maven host Andrea Beça sits down with feminist counsellor Nicole Perry to discuss what it's like to run a private psychology practice, and how to maintain the boundaries that are crucial to this field and to life as an entrepreneur. 
PS2J 169 News - The Good, The Bad and The Hopeful
Join Josh and Alan of Press Start to Join as they discuss finding a cool accessory for board game fans, news on Destiny 2, and a couple of YouTube /Netflix recommendations. 
Northern Nerdcast hosts Dan and Chelsea bring you their panel from this past year's Edmonton Expo, where Dan was joined by fellow dad-nerds Marcus Hirsch and Kelly Froese.
Dan from Northern Nerdcast joins Vanda on Tight Ends Podcast to talk about Gronk and Eli Manning! (Boo hoo, Eli.) They also review the Grey Cup, and go back to their geek roots. 
On the Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate and Adam react to the end of FC Edmonton, and chat with owner Tom Fath about what comes next for professional soccer in our city.
Episode 16: Keep Everything
The latest from Makeshift Stories features Chapter 11 in the podcast's monthly series, Ceres, a saga written by Alan V. Hare and performed by Mitchell Tew.
On Seen and Heard in Edmonton, Karen talks to Josh Shenfield and Alan Techsmith, who talk about "more geekery than you can shake a joystick at" on Press Start to Join. 
We're also pleased to bring your attention to these affiliated podcasts from our sponsors and partners:
The Well Endowed Podcast heads to Fort McMurray to hear how the 2016 wildfire continues to effect the community. They also tour the new building at the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association, and learn about the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s red panda breeding program.
Exponential Leaders: If NotYou, Who? If Not Now, When?
The Culture Cast is back for a second season with ATB's Lorne Rubis and coach Lynette Turner diving into exponential leadership and Singularity University. "If not you, who? If not now, when?"
Also, take a listen to some recent episodes from our newest members:
Episode # 108 - Bill Morneau, The Finance Guy
After talking way too much about Justin Bieber, Ed host Shane Lawrence and guests Shaun Smith and Jon Thomas get into a great conversation on their own learning as teachers. 
Tema Frank of Frank Reactions interviews Mark Boulter, the City of Edmonton’s manager of corporate research.
Episode 4 of Walkcast has host Tim Querengesser exploring the theme of getting lost. First he meets Edmonton’s pedway "rat" and get lost with him—literally—in a mall, thanks to poor wayfinding.
Kelsey & Juanita Roos of Color de Vino
On this episode of Tomato Radio, Mary Bailey and Amanda LeNeve talk with Kelsey and Juanita Roos from Color de Vino about their wine/beer/spirits shop, and their recent trip to Jura in France.
Keep Everything
What should we keep, and what should we throw away? Let's Find Out host Chris Chang-Yen Phillips uses himself as a case study, then heads to the Provincial Archives of Alberta to get a professional opinion on what to keep, and what to get rid of.
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