Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 4


This week's roundup of recent episodes from the members of the Alberta Podcast Network features three fascinating explorations of different aspects of entrepreneurship, a whack of sports, The Nutcracker, teacher inspiration, law innovation, home-building spectacles, political intrigue and some hardcore nerding out.

Ep. 45 - Boys Behaving Badly
Victoria Smith of Girl Tries Life is joined by Kylie Woods, head of Chic Geek — a non-profit created to encourage women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). 
Episode 49: A Canadian Expat in Lincoln, UK
In this bonus episode of Assumptions, while Kyle and Daniel put together their second season, Daniel interviews Kyle to learn more about his enterprising plans to start a new business dedicated to content creation.
On That's So Maven, Andrea Beça checks back with Sylvia Cheverie, co-owner of Chartier, to talk about crowdsourcing as market research, and the intricacies of opening a restaurant. 
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #160 - The Andrew Doughties - The 4th Line Podcast
On The 4th Line, Christmas songs have Carl and Joel in a holiday mood. It's short-lived as Joel confonts a suggestion that he may become a Calgary Flames fan. 
Episode 74: A Deep Dive into Opening Bricks and Mortar and Crowdsourcing with Sylvia Cheverie
This week on Tight Ends, Jodie is back and brings more Fantasy Football fun and updates on snowboarders. Yes, snowboarders. Plus, Gronk is in the doghouse.
This week's episode of the Loyal Company of the River Valley is Part 1 of a two-part conversation with FC Edmonton Academy technical director Jeff Paulus.
For Kicks Podcast, Episode 34: CANWNT vs. NORWNT friendly
On For Kicks, Jessica and Katie celebrate the Canadian women's national hockey team ending 2017 on a high note after winning against Norway for the very first time! Also, NWSL updates, and more.
Fawnda of I Don't Get It faces her fears and interviews two wonderful young performers from Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Paul joins in to give a rundown of festive activities happening in Edmonton. 
Join Shane Lawrence as talks with Joy Kirr on Ed. 
Joy is a teacher and author of the recently published Shift This, a book about making incremental changes in the classroom to achieve big results. 
On Highlevel Showdown, co-hosts Sharon, Michael and Elliott discuss the pros and cons of Alberta's tuition freeze, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's China trip, and more shenanigans from the Trump presidency.
Tema dives into getting better service from a lawyer in an interview with Richard Kort of LegalZoom on this week's Frank Reactions.
In the latest episode of Not There Yet, host and essayist Terence C. Gannon finds deeper meaning in the quirky charm of a British homebuilding show. Who knew reality TV (of a sort) could have such impact?
This episode of Desktop, dives in to what Rob and Mike are looking for in their next smartphones, the worsening ecosystem problem with wearables, and a renewed PSA about getting your cellphone unlocked.
Dan Shessel of the Northern Nerdcast recovers from a few podcast appearances of his own to welcome Marcus Hirsch back to chat about the wonderful and growing world of role-playing games with Jeff Russell.
Josh and Alan of Press Start to Join discuss Patreon making some changes to payments and Heroes of the Storm, then follow up with a couple of TV show recommendations. 
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