'Let's Do Coffee' comes to the table

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to our latest affiliated podcast, Let’s Do Coffee, an extension of the excellent work done by the Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship at NAIT.

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell, lessons learned and wisdom earned. In Edmonton, many of the most successful entrepreneurs are very willing to share their stories and expertise. But they don’t have time to have coffee with all of us! So the Mawji Centre, led by Max Frank, is tapping into that wealth of knowledge on our behalf with this new podcast.

The biweekly show will feature interviews with student entrepreneurs and alumni of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. You can get a sense of what the podcast will be like from this trailer episode.

You can also hear Episode 1, featuring Ashif Mawji, the centre’s namesake and the founder of Upside Software, TrustScience and other software-related companies. Host and NAIT student Daniel van Veelen digs into his origin story and unlocks some valuable advice.

Let’s Do Coffee joins our other affiliated podcasts — We Are Alberta and Perch from ATB Financial; The Well Endowed Podcast from the Edmonton Community Foundation; Katrina Ingram’s Back to School Again, presented by NorQuest College; and OtherWise, made under the auspices of the Ribbon Rouge Foundation. We love using the power of our network to draw attention to these shows, and look forward to doing the same for many more.