We'll never miss out on Emily Missed Out


Today we have the great good fortune of announcing the latest member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB — Emily Missed Out (or did she?).

This podcast has such a fantastic premise. The titular Emily, aka Emily Devereux, missed out on a lot of popular movies in her youth. As a result, she’s missing some of the cultural literacy that helps you, say, understand the jokes in a Simpsons episode. Her friend, Breanne Byrne, is helping her fill in the gaps by introducing her to what she missed.

They watch the films, review the references and tropes, and decide whether Emily actually did miss out on something good the first time around or should have left well enough alone. If you’ve never seen the movie, you can learn along with Emily; if you have seen it, you can play along with Breanne and see if the show is as good (or bad) as you remember.

Emily Missed Out makes a delightful addition to our roster of movie-related podcasts: Bollywood is for Lovers, I Have Some Notes and Repodcasting. Like many of our podcasts, it’s also a window into a friendship, which is just a nice thing to hear.

The next episode of this biweekly podcast comes out on Oct. 11. It’s about Donnie Darko (your correspondent will be sympathizing with Emily for that one.) Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere else you catch your ‘casts. You can also follow Emily Missed Out on Instagram and Facebook, where you’ll be reminded of the references that originated in these films.