Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 50


This week’s roundup features audio of 2 and Out’s spectacular live show, a special crossover car-cast from Hockey Feels, the return of Don’t Call Me A Guru, another original tale from Makeshift Stories, and a ton of other great listens on theatre, aviation, food, innovation, politics, motivation, Fallout 76, education, The Godfather, Grey Cup Nation and much more.


This week on I Don't Get It, Fawnda and Paul fill us in on Plastic Orchid Factory’s Digital Folk, Good Women Dance Collective’s new full-length presentation of The Signal, and the end of and era in print arts media.
26 min
On Cross-PolliNation, host NBee welcomes Shari Hughson, director of the Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at Queen’s University, to share some unconventional life lessons.
30 min
On the newest episode of the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery Cochrane welcomes standup comedian TJ Wharry to discuss the great meal they shared together, TJ's love for White Castle, and his wife's popular Pinterest page.
28 min
Inspired by the new film First Man, Not There Yet has Terence C. Gannon taking a closer look at the first aircraft to fly into space.
23 min
This week on Girl Tries Life, Victoria Smith delves into motivation and what to do when you are overwhelmed by the path ahead.
10 min
Troy Pavlek and Mack Male take a deeper look at what Edmonton's city council is up to — the new episode will be up Friday afternoon.
30  min


On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan give their first impressions of Fallout 76 and discuss the EU making the internet a difficult place. Josh renews a recommendation, and Alan suggests a human drama that is best with zombies.
37 min
The latest episode of Makeshift Stories, written by Alan V. Hare, follows the story of Ivan Petrenko and his quest to seek official recognition of his family’s apparent abduction by extraterrestrials while on a camping trip in Ontario. 
31 min
On Emily Missed Out, Breanne and Emily dive into The Godfather. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, horse heads in beds and sleeping with fishes. Did Emily miss out?
43 min
This week on Ed, Shane shares Part 2 of his discussion with Shauna Pollock (see Part 1) to talk more directly about Blue Sky School, and its role in the educational world.
42 min


On Don’t Call Me a Guru, Linda Hoang sits down with the Royal Alberta Museum’s Oksana Gowin and Kelsie Tetreau to talk about the social media strategies involved in the opening of western Canada’s largest museum.
48 min
On a brand new episode of The UnDad, Trent Wilkie chats with blogger, wife and mom Christine Bruckmann about the new Royal Alberta Museum, legalized marijuana, lentils, and dealing with hate when blogging.
57 min
On Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel are joined by Deb and Erika from Beginner’s Puck on their way home from seeing the Calgary Flames defeat the Edmonton Oilers at the Saddledome.
57 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
This week on Putting it Together, Kyle Marshall welcomes Layan Elwazani to share her unique actor's insight into "A Boy Like That/ I Have a Love" from West Side Story.
58 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
City of Champions host Shane Fennessey is joined by Aaryn Flynn, formerly of BioWare and now with Improbable, to discuss AI and Edmonton's potential to become a global tech hub. 
55 min
This week on Tight Ends, Vanda is joined by guest Casey Logan to discuss broken legs, broken hearts, fantasy football, Grey Cup excitement, and their fantasy boyfriend roster.
57 min
This week on A Branded World, Luiza shares her conversation with Brian Hickling, a creative director, business builder and creative innovator. They discuss how to build a brand from within. 
52 min
The Spy Who Loved Me: Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai
To close out the penultimate week in the CFL, Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty recap the Western and Eastern division finals on the 2 and Out CFL Podcast.
52 min
On Creative Block, Kyle Marshall sits down with photographer, director and YouTuber J Dirom to hear about his pursuit of different ways to express himself. 
54 min
On Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate and Adam discuss Cavalry FC's season tickets, FC Edmonton's draft picks, and the CPL's acquisition of League1 Ontario.
57 min


Kristin Raworth visits Daveberta to discuss women in politics and how Alberta’s parties address harassment and sexual violence. Then, a look at Alberta’s new municipal election finance legislation, and more.
90 min
Carl and Nick of The 4th Line Podcast discuss the Penguins' struggles and Todd McLellan and Mike Yeo's dismissals. Plus, a new Hi-Sticking winner is crowned and a new slate of "Pavel Bure Must Watch Games" is shared.
68 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
Hear the 2 and Out live show, in which Travis and Ty interview fellow podcasters Jeannine Ritchot of Ottawa and Ryan Ballentine of Calgary. Then Riders lineman Zack Evans takes Travis on in a perogy-eating contest!
62 min


The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
The Well-Endowed Podcast previews an upcoming talk by Trevor Phillips, founding chair of the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission. Hear his thoughts on integration, the currency of outrage, and the importance of continuing to talk about race.
29 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
Without the support of her family, Vanessia Baker found life as a student in her early 20s a financial struggle. On Back to School Again, she joins Katrina Ingram to share her journey of moving to Alberta for a new start, and finding her way at NorQuest. 
27 min
Lynn Thacker is a mint and dill farmer in the Bow Island. Without farmers like him, things might smell and taste a little different. Learn more on We Are Alberta, hosted by ATB economist Nick Ford.
22 min
The Nice Approach
Is post-secondary education worth the time, money and effort? Should you go? What should you take? Are students learning what they need to succeed? Season 1 of Perch from ATBdives into these questions.
Episode 3 of Let's Do Coffee has the NAIT Mawji Centre's Dan van Veelen sitting down with Edmonton interior designer Candace Wolfe to hear about her entrepreneurial journey.
34 min
Park Power has been an electricity and natural gas provider in Alberta since 2013. Founder Kris Kasawski reflects on what the journey has been like in this blog post.
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
The Ribbon Rouge Foundation and the OtherWise podcast are hosting a World-Cafe styled community dialogue, featuring, art, culture, food, dance and live entertainment.
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