Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 54


If you can’t get enough Christmas, we’ve got lots of listening in that vein. If you’ve had quite enough of Christmas, we can definitely help you out there, too.

In this final roundup of 2018, you’ll find a couple of original works of fiction; some previews of the World Junior Hockey Championships, as well as the coming seasons in the CFL and CPL and the ongoing NHL and NFL seasons; helpful advice on coaching, innovating, and letting go to move ahead; plus food, dance, cannabis, comics, politics and more.


Mexico City, 1969
Girl Tries Life's Victoria Smith discusses the importance of looking back and letting go, and why you can't move forward without those steps.  
15 min
The Nice Approach
On I Don't Get It, Paul and Fawnda take in the final performance of dance legend Paul-André Fortier, and Conni Massing’s Oh! Christmas Tree
30 min
This week on The UnDad, Trent Wilkie shares a short Christmas story, and a musical number from this year's 'Weird Al Karaoke' event where one takes a song and changes the lyrics. Not safe for little ears... 
20 min
On Makeshift Stories, Zoe Gagnon attempts to reignite the world’s imagination after a catastrophic accident obscures the stars in the night sky — only to be thwarted by a billionaire and his plans to colonize Mars.
30 min
On a brand new episode of Not There Yet, Terence C. Gannon shares his thoughts on the possibilities of what Canada could be known for, and what he fears Canada may now be known for.
17 min


On Northern Nerdcast, Dan hits the mic alone to talk about unexpected and lamented closure of Happy Harbor Comics, the creation of the Design and Game Awards in Alberta, and more geeky, nerdy happenings.
33 min
The Nice Approach
This episode of Cross-polliNation has host NBee talking with Janice Francisco, founder of BridgePoint Effect, about how her firm helps companies and government organizations think more creatively.
32 min
This week on the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery Cochrane is joined by comedian John Cullen. They talk kitchen gadgets, knives, and curling club food vs. comedy club food.
31 min
Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
This week on Ed, Shane Lawrence is joined by Tara Martin, an instructional coach and media communication director, to discuss the role of enthusiasm and authenticity in teaching.
39 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
On The 4th Line WHLcast, Andy, Carl and Ryan discuss Team USA and Team Canada heading into the World Junior Championships, and the approaching WHL trade deadline.
38 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel discuss the the firing of Flyers' coach Dave Hakstol, and why the Blues, Blackhawks, and Kings are bad so soon after having been champions and/or contenders.
42 min
On the budget issue of Speaking Municipally, Troy Pavlek and Mack Male dive into the highlights of the decisions, the hot city council gossip, and an overview of Mayor Don Iveson's end-of-year wrapup. 
32 min


On Tight Ends, Vanda is joined by Alberta Podcast Network president Karen Unland, to talk NFL Pro Bowl picks, play Tight or Bite, and share 1st (and only) experiences.
52 min
On a bonus episode of Modern Manhood, German Villegas sits down with David Lion to discuss his new and upcoming summit and his interviews around masculinity. 
49 min
This week on the 2 and Out CFL Podcast, Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty bring you their final episode of 2018 with a review of the year that was, and a peek at the CFL schedule.
54 min


On A Branded World, Luiza shares her top pick for interview of the year: Terry O'Reilly. With over 40 years of experience in the advertising industry, Terry has a lot of great information to share. If you haven't yet, check it out! 
73 min
On the final Loyal Company of the River Valley episode of 2018, Nate and Adam look at the ongoing battle between CONCACAF and Ottawa Fury FC, and share their thoughts on FC Edmonton’s new Virtual Stadium tour.
62 min
Carl, Joel and Nick gather on The 4th Line Podcast to discuss Dave Hakstol's firing, goaltender Carter Hart, World Junior Hockey Championships prospects, and who belongs in the newly revived "Elimination Station."
70 min


Let's Do Coffee's Dan van Veelen sits down with serial entrepreneur, NAIT student and all-around interesting guy Carter Buchanan to discuss his four businesses, time management, and Instagram. 
48 min
The Nice Approach
Donna Dawson spent 35 years as a public health nurse and while she loved her work, she also loved music. Katrina Ingram hears her story on this season's final episode of Back to School Again.
27 min
On OtherWise, Morenike Olaosebikan continues her exploration of the diverse experiences of the Edmonton's African, Caribbean, and Black communities and their internal dynamics. ICYMI: Part 1
43 min
The Nice Approach
Don't miss We Are Alberta, ATB economist Nick Ford's monthly exploration of Alberta’s geography, businesses, organizations, and diverse and fascinating people — all viewed through an economic lens.
ATB's Rob Roach has a new season of Perch in the works, focusing on female entrepreneurs. Subscribe now, and catch up on Season 1, which is all about post-secondary education.
The Nice Approach
Catch up on a phenomenal year of episodes of The Well Endowed Podcast from the Edmonton Community Foundation. They won an award this year — find out why!
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