Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 53


This week’s roundup sees the network debut of Healthy Lifestyle Design and the grand finale of Highlevel Showdown. The UnDad turns up on Modern Manhood again, and the Mess Hall pays a return visit to Tight Ends. We get newsy bits on politics, sports and YouTube; advice on social media, entrepreneurship and teaching; and holiday cheer from our podcasts on food, movies and performance.


Mexico City, 1969
Get ready for the holidays with Kristina, Mary and Amanda on a Christmas episode of Tomato Radio. Hear about food-related gifts, turkeys, holiday cocktails, and baking. 
29 min
The Nice Approach
Catch up on budget deliberations at Edmonton's city council with Troy Pavlek and Mack Male of Speaking Municipally in advance of the final vote, expected today.
29 min


On Don't Call Me a Guru, Linda Hoang talks with Alex Hryciw, communications adviser for the Office of the Mayor and Mayor Don Iveson, about what it’s like managing the social media of Edmonton's mayor.
47 min
On I Don't Get It, Fawnda shares a special flashback episode about The Nutcracker, featuring that time when she and Paul were in the show, as well as her interview with a couple of young dancers.
32 min
On Creative Block, Kyle sits down with Bobbi Racette, who has developed Canadian Virtual Gurus into a major success. Also covered in this conversation: wanderlust, two moms, and entrepreneur support groups.
31 min
On the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery Cochrane welcomes Karen Kho from the Calgary-based meat specialty shop Empire Provisions. Karen shares the shop's origin story, and the two discuss Christmas foods and charcuterie. 
36 min
This week on Ed, Shane is joined by Jessica Roberts, a film production teacher from Tennessee who has to wrangle not only the tasks involved in film-making, but also the responsibilities of helping students tell their stories. 
36 min


The Nice Approach
In their network debut, Janet and Pamella of Healthy Lifestyle Design explore how to avoid getting caught up in the chaos, expectations and over-consumption of the holidays. Stick around to the end for a little guided meditation. 
48 min
On The UnDad, Trent Wilkie meets Nicola Doherty of Alberta Mamas, a website for parents in Alberta. They chat about the East Coast, spoon collections, child-sized weaponry, and tattooing dolphins. 
47 min
It's been a fast start to the Canadian Football League's off-season, and on a brand new episode of the 2 and Out CFL Podcast, Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty recap what's happened so far. 
58 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
On That's a Thing?!, Elizabeth digs into what's wrong with her generation’s main source of information and entertainment, and why kids will keep watching anyway.
49 min
Ep 46:
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel dig into the Flyers' first week with Chuck Fletcher as GM, the Oilers' recent ability to win close games, and countries gearing up for the World Juniors.
53 min
The Nice Approach
Trent Wilkie is a writer/journalist/performer and host of The UnDad Podcast. In Part 2 of his chat with German on Modern Manhood, we hear about crying in public, and why parents don't give themselves enough credit. ICYMI: Part 1
46 min
This week on Girl Tries Life, Victoria is joined by Mandy Balak, the woman behind It's Date Night and The Ace Class. Hear what it took to get those projects off the ground, and the habits involved in creating success.
50 min


The Nice Approach
After a fantastic run, Michael, Sharon and Elliott say goodbye to the Highlevel Showdown with a live show featuring knowledge-testing games and their picks for best and worst performers in politics.
84 min
On Daveberta, Dave and Ryan tackle the First Ministers' conference, efforts to boost oil prices, and Premier Rachel Notley’s performance, as well as the latest nomination news and what 2019 holds for Alberta politics. 
84 min
On Tight Ends, Vanda is joined by Avery from Mess Hall Podcast to chat football towns and the food they eat! At halftime, Vanda talks with Calgary-based breweries Cabin Brewing Company and Banded Peak Brewing.
69 min
Carl and the sometimes coughing Nick are back on the 4th Line Podcast to discuss Seattle's coming NHL team, Zach Hyman's suspension, and purple (not invisible) pucks at the outdoor game. 
66 min
On Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate, Adam and a couple of fellow fans get to talk to three of FC Edmonton’s newest signings — Bruno Zebie, Ajeej Sarkaria and Son Yong-chan — about what they're looking forward to.
67 min
The Nice Approach
On Bollywood is for Lovers, grinchy Matt and Yule-loving Erin discuss a pair of movies set at Christmastime: Anjaana Anjaani and Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. 
67 min
Scott, Colin and Gregg reluctantly but hilariously tackle the task of improving Jingle all the Way on the final episode of the year from I Have Some Notes.
64 min


On the latest episode of We Are Alberta, ATB economist Nick Fords heads to a drone-testing facility operating in southeastern Alberta, where the large number of sunny days and wide open spaces make it perfect to incubate this growing new technology. 
23 min
The Nice Approach
Edmonton's Black communities are not all the same. On OtherWise, Morenike Olaosebikan continues her exploration of contrasting experiences of the city's African, Caribbean, and Black communities and their internal dynamics. ICYMI: Part 1
43 min
Donna Dawson spent 35 years as a public health nurse and while she loved her work, she also loved music. When she retired, she returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in ethnomusicology. On Back to School Again, Katrina Ingram hears her journey.
27 min
The Nice Approach
Let's Do Coffee's Dan van Veelen meets Cole Rosentreter, whose company Pegasus Imagery uses drones to aid in emergency management. They discuss Silicon Valley, military experience, being a new dad, and much more in the podcast from NAIT's Mawji Centre.
35 min
Park Power's Instagram feed is truly a thing of beauty. Be sure to follow @parkpowerltd for snapshots of clients and the company's involvement in the community, along with helpful information on what Park Power is about and what it wants to accomplish.
The Nice Approach
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