SeatGIANT has a deal for you

As you may have heard on some of our podcasts, we now have the great pleasure of working with SeatGIANT to bring you a deal!

SeatGIANT is a ticket resale marketplace. If you’re looking to attend a hockey game, a concert, or some other major event, chances are high that you’ll be able to find tickets on SeatGIANT, even if the event is sold out.

That’s pretty good on its own, but we can do you one better: Use the offer code “apn” to get 5% off the ticket price.

Those ticket prices, by the way, are in Canadian dollars, even if the event is in the U.S. And SeatGIANT guarantees every ticket.

We all know experiences are among the best gifts. If you buy through SeatGIANT, you’ll be helping yourself, our podcasters, and a Canadian-owned and -operated company. Wins all around!

Visit and use the offer code “apn” at checkout to get your 5% discount.