Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 52


We love it when our podcasters turn up on each other's shows, and we've got some great guest spots this week. Shane from the Ed podcast reviewed West Side Story on Putting It Together, and Fawnda and Paul from I Don't Get It nerded out about dance and theatre on the Northern Nerdcast.

We also have the return of the EPIC Podcast and The WorkNotWork Show, and a whole bunch of fascinating shows from the rest of our talented crew on salesmanship and soccer, civic problem-solving and cinematic recasting, Nylander and Nerf, candy and camping, Wayne’s World and weirdness, and more.


On The Undad, Trent chats with radio host and ex-NHLer Jason Strudwick about his path into fatherhood, adoption, hockey, poetry and more.
30 min
This week on Girl Tries Life, Victoria  talks about setting overarching intentions, weekly intentions and daily intentions to fire up progress.
11 min
On Cross-PolliNation, NBee talks with Elisha Muskat, a social innovation leader who redefines problems to unlock civic solutions. 
30 min
Makeshift Stories finds the curmudgeonly Ken Likeley on a Space Park tour, where a rather odd souvenir leads to an extraterrestrial encounter.
30 min
Troy Pavlek and Mack Male take a deeper look at what Edmonton's city council is up to — the new episode will be up Friday afternoon.
30 ish
On the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery Cochrane chats with Jody Turner, owner of Yummy Co Nostalgic Candy Shop. This is one sweet show.
28 min


On The WorkNotWork Show, Terence C. Gannon shares his live interview with Emily Hicks, president and co-founder of FREDsense, a Calgary-based biotechnology startup that uses modified bacteria to measure water quality. 
44 min
On this episode of Emergency Preparedness in Canada (EPIC), hosted by Dr. Josh Bezanson and Grayson Cockett, hear Jack Lindsay talk about the history behind Canada's laws governing emergency situations.
43 min
Calum Lykan of The Bothy Storytelling Podcast shares three episodes this week! Hear about Calum adapting his focus in "Speaking of Change"; Harry Potter in "It's Potter Time"; and skullduggery in "A Pirate's Life for Me!
34 to 43 min each
The Nice Approach
This week on Ed. Shane Lawrence sits down with George Evans, to hear about his experiences while teaching English and social studies in Japan, and to discuss what it truly means to be a teacher.
36 min
On Creative Block, Kyle Marshall welcomes Calum Graham, who borrowed his father's guitar and never gave it back. You'll hear about high school music class, bad social media, and German fans.
45 min
On this month's "check-in" episode of Ed, Shane welcomes fellow educators Shaun Smith and Nadine Young to discuss how to be a great (or at least good) educator without burning out. 
41 min 
This week on Emily Missed Out, Breanne and Emily take a trip to Aurora, bypass Delaware, and dig into — as it turns out — the pop-culturally relevant Wayne's World! Party on. Warning: Giggling ensues.
37 min


On the Northern Nerdcast, Dan and Chelsea are joined by fellow Alberta Podcast Network comrades Fawnda Mithrush and Paul Blinov from the I Don't Get it Podcast, and we get to hear all about the hosts and the genesis of their show!
49 min
On Putting it Together, Kyle turns his attention to the film version of West Side Story. Drama nerd and film studies teacher Shane Lawrence from the Ed podcast discusses why it still remains a cultural touchpoint almost 60 years later.
47 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Rachel and Steven talk about the Oilers under new head coach Ken Hitchcock, the Flyers after firing of Ron Hextall, and the blessed end of the William Nylander saga. 
55 min
It’s a very special holiday episode of Repodcasting, and to celebrate, Janet and Lucia are joined by their other relative, Dan, to recast Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
47 min


Carl, Joel and Nick return to The 4th Line Podcast to chirp each other about William Nylander, the Red Wings vs. the Avalanche, the NHL Board of Governors meeting, the salary cap, and much more. 
62 min
On Tight Ends, Vanda and Frank discuss some bad and good things happening in the NFL, and Vanda interviews Kerry from The Roads We Roam about what it's like to live full-time on the road in a cute but small trailer.
76 min
This month on PopCycle, Eric and Christian chat with Nerf inventor Reyn Guyer! They somehow connect him to Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford and filmmaker Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal before returning to Nerf again.
75 min
The Nice Approach
On a new episode of A Branded World, Luiza talks with Hamish Knox about the best ways to approach selling, the proven seven-step process to converting, and the psychology behind successful sales.
64 min
On For Kicks, Jessica and Katie talk about Canada's showing in the U17 Women's World Cup, and welcome back Canucks Abroad's Oscar Melander for an interview with Rachel Hoekstra.
63 min
On City of Champions, Shane welcomes Tom Gazzola to chat about his journey in moving from reporting for the Oilers to working as a producer and reporter at TSN.
77 min
On Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate and Adam dig into early signings, the  pricing options for Cavalry FC, and other news around the Canadian Premier League.
63 min
The final Press Start to Join of the year has Josh and Alan looking back at all of interesting topics they covered in 2018 — and they do it all in a single take! 
70 min


On The Well Endowed Podcast, hear Nicole Smith of the Sage Seniors Association discuss older women's needs in Edmonton. And the Edmonton Community Foundation's Martin Garber-Conrad shares his approach to teaching philanthropy. 
30 min
The Nice Approach
On the latest episode of Let's Do Coffee, Dan van Veelen of NAIT's Mawji Centre interviews military veteran and new dad Cole Rosentreter about his company, Pegasus Imagery, which is a drone company designed to aid in emergency management. 
36 min
Every month, join host and ATB economist Nick Ford as he explores Alberta’s geography, businesses, organizations, and diverse people on We Are Alberta. The most recent episode focuses on Bow Island mint and dill farmer Lynn Thacker.
22 min
Despite being seen as a cohesive group, Edmonton's Black communities have contrasting experiences and dynamics. On OtherWise, Morenike Olaosebikan explores the fragmentation of the city's African, Caribbean, and Black communities.
46 min
Many people have a mid-life epiphany that they should have pursued their passion into the arts. Darrell Pidner had the opposite experience. On the latest episode of Back to School Again, he shares his journey to the business side with host Katrina Ingram.
34 min
The Nice Approach
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Dig deep into the work done by ATB Financial’s Economics and Research team with Perch. Host Rob Roach talks with the experts, influencers and big thinkers who are shaping Alberta. Season 1 focuses on post-secondary education.
The Nice Approach
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