Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 25


We almost have too much to tell you. There's a new baby (congrats, Girl Tries Life!), a new sponsor (hello, Rotary!) and details on our live show (see below). Our crossover streak lives with Hockey Feels visiting The 4th Line, and we have tons of great long weekend listening on movies, sex, politics, soccer, libraries, Vikings and more! 


The Broadcast steps outside the binary, thanks to the help of intern Danielle. She talks to Francis Nievera and Stephanie Shostak about how to make space for trans people in politics.
36 min
On Makeshift Stories, city clerk Ken Likeley works hard to ensure everything in his life and world is logical and predictable. After he picks up a small white card on his office floor, reality begins to misbehave and Ken finds himself adrift in the multiverse.
36 min
That's So Maven's Andrea Beça sits down with Justine Martinson, owner and skincare maven at Lipstick Empire Laser Spa in Edmonton. They discuss her longtime interest in the beauty industry, and how much client education has changed in the age of the internet.
37 min
It's the summer season, and for Calum Lykan and The Bothy Storytelling Podcast, that means Viking Times. This episode has a wee introduction to the Vinland Vikings and how getting older hurts. (It seems swinging an axe is a young person's game.)
39 min
We have a double dose of The Bothy this week! Going to Comicon is an amazing experience filled with some fantastic sights and sounds and fabulous cosplay....So how did Calum end up playing a 70+ yr old man?
42 min
This week on I Don't Get It, Paul Blinov and Fawnda Mithrush give their impressions of Alberta Ballet’s All of Us, the Tragically Hip portrait ballet that recently wrapped up its run. 
22 min
Self-described Learning Commons Wizard Geoff Ruggero joins Shane Lawrence on Ed. They talk about how makerspaces are revolutionizing the library space and the profession of librarians. 
37 min
On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan discuss Google Assistant making phone calls for you and Nintendo's online services. Plus a brutally cute Netflix show, and a must-see music video. 
39 min


Summer blockbuster season is upon us and the I Have Some Notes crew decided to play a game of movie prognostication. Play along by predicting what Rotten Tomatoes score each movie will receive from critics. 
45 min
In this second season bonus episode of Assumptions, Kyle and Daniel talk to author and editor Joy Beth Smith about the frustrations of dating as a Christian and her insights into sexuality and what it means to be human. 
48 min
This week on The Young Gaffers, Jason and Adam discuss the Argentine Football Association’s package for World Cup journalists, the FA Cup Final, Wayne Rooney and DC United, and MLS club salaries.
54 min
This week on Girl Tries Life, Victoria Smith (who had a baby the day this episode came out!) is joined by tradeswoman Dana Francis of Career Pod, who talks about her experience in a mostly male industry.
51 min
This week on the Northern Nerdcast Dan Shessel and Chelsea Thompson chat with Katie from the Metro Cinema, a not-for-profit theatre that showcases old movies, new releases that had short runs, locally made films and festivals.
53 min
Consumers and talent are increasingly demanding and want to engage with purpose-driven brands. Join Luiza Campos on A Branded World as she discusses this with Rafael Achondo, founder of Matteria.
51 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Rachel returns to discuss the NHL playoffs with Steven as the Capitals face the Lightning, the Jets take on the Golden Knights. They also talk about the Oilers' and Flyers' top goalie prospects facing off, and more!
55 min
On The 4th Line, it's more Hockey Feels as Rachel and Steven step in for the always wonderful Joel. They talk to Carl about the playoffs and Kyle Dubas's ascendance with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Doctor Who gets involved at some point.
58 min
On Highlevel Showdown, Michael and Elliott fly without Sharon to discuss the recent resurgence of former prime minister Stephen Harper and whether he could return to the helm of the Conservative Party of Canada.
51 min


The United Conservative Party‘s founding convention, the New Democratic Party‘s abortion clinic bubble zone and plans to turn off the oil and gas taps to British Columbia — just some of the topics Dave Cournoyer and Ryan Hastman dive into on this episode of Daveberta.
65 min
This week, Loyal Company of the River Valley focuses on the announcement of York 9 FC as a team in the Canadian Premier League. Nate and Adam react to the announcement itself, and offer their thoughts on the colours, crest, stadium and membership drive. 
62 min
On the newest episode of Press Start to Join's Sibling Rivalry Review, Hannah and Josh draw parallels between Battle Royal and The Hunger Games, and discuss some of the social aspects in this movie about a contest for Japanese students.
68 min


We're excited to announce another new sponsor, the Rotary District 5370 Conference! Learn more about this opportunity to dream, connect and inspire in Edmonton from Oct. 18 to 20.
We got a little bit of international attention for our partnership with our founding sponsor, ATB Financial. Listen to this podcast from eMarketer on podcasting in Canada (we come up at 14:20).
Don't miss the May episode of The Well Endowed Podcast from the Edmonton Community Foundation. Learn how the Canadian Cultural Investment Fund helps Edmonton artists. You'll also hear what the Edmonton Arts Council is up to, and what a difference the Don and Norine Lowry Award made for a student. 
It's fun and fascinating to watch the young painters at YESS Painting learn their craft so they can do a great job on your house or yard. Be sure to follow @yesspainting on Instagram for sneak peeks at the training and some inspiring stories. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, too!
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Lineup set for Podcasts Connect: A talkfest on the future!

We hope you can join us for one or more of our live recordings during the INVENTURE$ Conference in Calgary on June 7. Here's the lineup for Podcasts Connect:

  • 10 a.m: The WorkNotWork Show's Terence C. Gannon interviews Emily Hicks of FREDSense, which combines biology and engineering to detect chemicals in industrial water;

  •  11 a.m.: Future Chat's Mike Attrell and Nick Maddox recap TasteTECH, where they will have sampled the future of food;

  • Noon: That's So Maven's Andrea Beça interviews Meaghan Nolan of Mikata Health, which uses artificial intelligence to connect patients with health care;

  • 1 p.m.: A Branded World's Luiza Campos interviews David Smith of Unreasonable and Lorne Rubis of ATB about the intersection of transformation and branding.

The event is free! We'll also have our friends from ATB on hand to answer questions about blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence and all manner of innovation.