Three more podcasts join the network!

20180601 - New Members - Blog Preview.png

We're so pleased to welcome three more podcasts in the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB!

Mess Hall is Avery Cochrane's weekly conversation with comedians about food. It's a great idea — comedians eat out on the road all the time, and it turns out that a lot of them like to cook, too. Bring snacks.

EPIC Podcast is a show about emergency preparedness in Canada (hence the name). It is hosted by two experts in the field: Dr. Josh Bezanson and Grayson Cockett. They interview leaders, explore research and share tips in a most engaging way.

Blue in the Face is Chris Ursaki's podcast about art, culture, music, and food in Alberta, and its impact locally, nationally and even internationally. He's so passionate about sharing these stories, and his passion is contagious.

It's great to bring on some companions for Tomato Radio, our other podcast about food and drink. Blue in the Face also joins I Don't Get It in covering local arts and culture. We don't have anything quite like EPIC in the network in terms of topic, but a good analogy would be Walkcast, another deep dive into a particular area that uncovers all kinds of interesting stories. Ed, our podcast about teaching, is a good example, too.

All three of these new recruits to the network are based in Calgary. We'll be bringing on another bunch in the coming weeks, once we recover from our live show (it's on June 7 — are you coming?)

If you have an Alberta-made podcast that you think would be a good fit for the network, check out our frequently-asked-questions page. You'll find the application form there. If you have already applied, we'll be in touch.

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