Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 31

What a topsy-turvy roundup we have this week, with our branding podcast talking about sports, and our live-your-best-life podcast talking about politics! You'll also get a double-dose of storytelling, a milestone for our video-game podcast, another episode spun out of our live show, plus movies, hockey, soccer, history, friendship, cookies and more.



On The Bothy Storytelling Podcast, Calum Lykan fills us in on the Vikings in the Streets Festival, and shares one of his favourite Viking tales. 
35 min   
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6 min
On the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery Cochrane talks with podcaster Valerie Moss about favourite Calgary restaurants and raising kids with adventurous palates. 
31 min
I Don't Get It host Fawnda Mithrush and guest Laura Raboud discuss the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, the Sterling Awards, and a spreadsheet tracking gender-based stats of Edmonton’s theatre companies.
36 min
On this extra episode of The Bothy Storytelling Podcast, Calum talks about hitting a creative roadblock. He tries taking a friend's advice to just talk and see what happens. You get to hear what happens.
38 min
Frank Reactions has Tema talking with Don Romano, CEO of Hyundai Canada, about the usual awful car-buying experience and how Hyundai Canada's Genesis brand takes the pain out of buying a car, bringing service to your door.
35 min
On Modern Manhood, German Villegas talks with filmmaker Michael Rowley about how a man born in Texas came to make a film about the youth involved in parkour in one of the most divided areas in the world, Palestine. 
32 min
On A Branded World, Luiza Campos talks with Ryan Popowich, director of marketing and promotions for the Calgary Flames, Hitmen, Stampeders and Roughnecks, on what it takes to meet the expectations of loyal fans.
33 min


Girl Tries Life host Victoria Smith is talking politics with Esmahan Razavi. They discuss her experience running for city council, and how the political arena can be different for women. 
48 min
On That's So Maven, Andrea Beça shares her interview with startup founder Meaghan Nolan of Mikata Health, recorded live in Calgary at our Podcasts Connect live show
53 min
On this month's Press Start to Join "history" episode, Josh and Alan present Part 1 of the history of Halo, from the inception of the franchise to the point where Bungie made its final game. 
48 min
The 4th Line's Carl and Joel get into the 2018 NHL draft weekend. But first, Jurassic World prompts a discussion of whether actually cloning dinosaurs would be that terrible of an idea. (It would.)
57 min
This week on the Northern Nerdcast, Dan and Chelsea chat with Darren Steele, creator of a new actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Shadows of Pindus
51 min
On Let's Find Out, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips returns to the Ritchie neighbourhood of Edmonton for a second set of locals’ questions and a live history walk exploring their answers. They learn about cobblers, a house's history and some odd buildings.
55 min
Kyle and Daniel of Assumptions conclude their two-part conversation on loneliness, singleness, community, and friendship. How do you find and keep friends? What does the Bible say about this, compared with what the culture says?
53 min


On Blue in the Face, Chris Ursaki talks with cookbook author, food writer, columnist, and CBC personality Julie Van Rosendaal about all things cooking and her experience meeting Anthony Bourdain. You'll also hear a bit off the top about the origin story of the Alberta Podcast Network.
70 min
In true I Have Some Notes form, Gregg, Scott, Colin and guest Beverley Theresa choose the most mediocre Fast film of them all, Fate of the Furious. They tear down Vin Diesel’s big-car-go-vroom epic to the nuts and bolts and rebuild the engine with some new motivations and elevated under-used characters.
73 min
On a special episode of Highlevel Showdown, Michael, Sharon and Elliott take a look at the key political events at the midpoint of 2018, and some of the big stories that defined the first six months of this year at the provincial, federal and international level.
68 min
On a special Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan discuss the road to their 200th episode, their favourite games, and their favourite movies, and then dive into some listener questions. They've also put together a Spotify playlist of their musical picks!
79 min
This week's episode of Loyal Company of the River Valley features Part 2 of Nate and Adam's conversation with FC Edmonton general manager Jay Ball. Together they look to the future of the club in the newly minted Canadian Premier League.
74 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel discuss Rasmus Dahlin going first overall at the NHL Draft. They also give both the Oilers and the Flyers high marks for their picks, note the beginning of courting John Tavares, and more!
63 min
On Daveberta, Dave and Ryan ask some great questions: What does the national equalization formula mean for Alberta? What should we think about the NDP's latest attack ad? And how should election candidates be using social media heading into 2019?
95 min


As you may have heard noted on the latest episode of Daveberta, it takes a lot more experience and training to become a painter with YESS Painting than it does to become a podcaster! Check out the training process at this social enterprise.
Rotarians are bringing a lot of inspiring speakers to Edmonton in October for the District 5370 Conference. Among them is Susan Morrice, founder and chairwoman of Belize Natural Energy. Learn more at
The next episode of the Edmonton Community Foundation's excellent podcast will come out soon. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it, and in the meantime, peruse the back catalogue for interesting conversations with people who make a difference.
If you enjoyed Victoria Smith's recent conversation with Hannah Cree of Common Good on Girl Tries Life, you might enjoy Hannah's chat about social enterprise from the archives of ATB Financial's Thrive podcast, recorded in 2016.
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