Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 28


We're just coming off our first big live show — check out #podsconnect for a sense of what that extravaganza was like! Now we return to the time-shifted, on-demand world of podcasting that you know and love. Check out episodes about why we buy and why we don't, how to be kind to ourselves and others, restaurant food and home cooking (or not-cooking), and all kinds of playing, whether it's soccer, politics, LARP, hockey or video games. 


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6 min
On the latest episode of Girl Tries Life, Victoria Smith talks about the importance of sharing your insecurities or challenges with trusted individuals, and how you're probably doing more right than you realize.
10 min
Tema Frank is on a grand tour, and has experienced some surprising customer service. Hear about her encounters with wineries, retailers, insurance brokers and more on Frank Reactions.
18 min


On Modern Manhood, German Villegas shares Part 2 of his discussion with Jermal Alleyne, who facilitates a boys' group and a men's group. This conversation focuses on the meaning of masculinity how to respectfully critique.
37 min
We are happy to welcome the Mess Hall Podcast with host Avery Cochrane to the network! This week, he talks food with comedian Andrew Rivers, who tries to eat vegetarian but won't say no to free chicken fingers. 
32 min
On Ed, Shane Lawrence welcomes student teacher Emily Wong to chat about her educational career, team teaching, authenticity, and the need for better mental health education for teachers. 
43 min
Luiza Campos of A Branded World takes a closer look at the main factors that influence the buying process and how you can use them to better engage with your audience.
41 min


The lovely Kathryn Joel and Doreen Prei from Get Cooking Edmonton join Mary and Amanda on this week's episode of Tomato Radio to talk about their passion for teaching cooking and using great ingredients. 
48 min
On The Young Gaffers, Jason and Adam are joined by Matt and Padraic to discuss Russia 2018, favourite all-time World Cup memories, World Cup trivia, and opinions on the all-time greatest World Cup players. 
57 min
Josh and Alan of Press Start to Join are back to talk free games of the month, the new Fallout game, and Sims 4 getting a full-priced game. Plus, Josh has a movie recommendation, and Alan discusses a sometimes homicidal weather app.
54 min
This week on the Northern Nerdcast, Dan and Chelsea talk with the fine folks from Amtgard, a live-action roleplaying group in Edmonton area. 
56 min
On Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate and Adam react to the return of pro men's soccer to Edmonton, and discuss Winnipeg’s Valour FC. 
60 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel discuss the Capitals' dominance over the Golden Knights, and get into a musical-hockey crossover.
52 min


Desktop hosts Robert and Mike discuss professional IFTTT use, the ongoing trials and tribulations of using Facebook and Twitter as news/communication tools in the modern world, and some tech accessory purchases.
101 min
German Villegas from Modern Manhood joins Carl on the The 4th Line Podcast to discuss the tail-end of the NHL season, who deserves what trophies, and what role politics should play in sports. 
62 min
On Highlevel Showdown, Michael, Elliott and Sharon discuss the recent tariffs imposed on Canada by the U.S. and Canada's retaliatory measures, followed by the Ontario election and the leadership of the Bloc Quebecois. 
64 min


Thinking of seeing rugby star Jen Kish speak at the Edmonton Public Library on June 14? Get a sneak preview of her talk in the latest episode of the Edmonton Community Foundation's Well Endowed Podcast. You'll also hear from Paralympian Nordic skier Brian McKeever, and some bursaries and grants to apply for.
37 min 
ATB Financial proudly serves and supports its LGBTQ+ team members, customers and neighbours, and celebrates Pride festivals across the province. Learn more about what "Acceptance everywhere" means to the organization, and find links to festivals in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge.
Meet the painters at YESS Painting, a new kind of company that has adapted the traditional student painting model by training and employing Edmonton youth experiencing difficult realities. They know their stuff, they're earning a living wage, and 50 per cent of the profits go back to Youth Empowerment & Support Services. 
Want something to look forward to? Consider the Rotary District 5370 Conference in Edmonton from Oct. 18 to 20. A stellar group of speakers has been assembled to help you dream, connect and inspire. Among them is Barbara Stegemann of The 7 Virtues Beauty. First-time attendees get a big discount!
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Podcasting can be a solitary pursuit, as a listener and as a creator. So it is nice when we can get together from time to time!

On June 21, you can spend a beautiful evening along 124th Street at Make Music Edmonton, a free, family-friendly event that showcases the diverse talent our city has to offer.

There will be 75 performances at 15 outdoor venues along the street, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The mainstage show will be emceed by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips of Let's Find Out and Karen Unland of the Alberta Podcast Network. 

Get more details on this and other events on our events page.