Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 38


This week's roundup includes the network debut of Creative Block, plus indoor beaches, comics in the classroom and the cinema, adventures in parenting, stigma-busting around mental health, fantasy hockey and fantasy football, new fans and foreign correspondents in soccer, amiable dinner companions, wrestling controversies, B2B brilliance, and so much more.


Season 4, Episode 9
On Girl Tries Life, Victoria Smith shares her 2017 Pecha Kucha speech about attacking our preconceptions of anxiety and depression. 
14 min
133. Ceres Chapter 12 - Message Received
On The UnDad, Trent Wilkie resumes his chat with actor and writer Jana O'Connor. They discuss duty in all of its forms. ICYMI: Part 1.
29 min
Mexico City, 1969
Join Matt and Colette of The Networkers Quest as they discuss the importance of taking time to replenish and recharge.
11 min
The Nice Approach
On Best Wrestling Podcast, Matt is in the hot seat and Johnathan feeds him questions about the most talked-about topics in wrestling today. 
15 min


This week on A Branded World, Luiza Campos focuses on the importance of having a defined brand and shares three key steps to defining and bringing your brand to life.
40 min
Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
These days, messaging is fast taking over the customer service world. On this episode of Frank Reactions, Tema Frank talks with Josh March about messaging vs. live chat.
41 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
On this episode of Modern Manhood, German talks with Matthew Hodges of r/MensLib about his foundations of masculinity, his father and his family. ICYMI: Part 1
42 min
This week's episode of the Mess Hall Podcast has Avery talking with comedian Shawn Gramiak about amiable dinner companions, the merits of slowing down, and rhubarb. 
44 min
2 and Out CFL Podcast has Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty teeing up Week 11 with Ticats vs. Esks, Als vs Argos, Stamps vs. Bombers, and Lions vs. Riders. 
44 min
On the pilot episode of The 4th Line Fantasy Hockey Podcast, Carl Landra and Ben Ferguson explore all things fantasy hockey starting with their fantasy hockey history.
51 min


On this episode of our newest member, Creative Block, Kyle Marshall chats with Matt Watterworth and Scott Westby, who met in dramatic fashion at SAIT and joined forces to create their own film production company.
56 min
On For Kicks, Jessica and Katie share lots of CANWNT news and updates. Plus, they dive into the U17 Women's World Cup, the Canadian EXCEL program, the start of the NCAA season and end of the Foothills WFC season.
55 min
On The Networkers Quest, Matt and Collette talk with Cierra Fischer, a financial broker passionate about training other aspiring entrepreneurs and offering them a holistic and educational approach to finances.
49 min
On this episode of Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate and Adam start with the Pacific FC coach announcement and then are joined by Len from Win Column Sports to discuss the sport and how the team is viewed in Edmonton.
46 min
This week, Shane is joined by returning Ed guest Eric Kallenborn to discuss his journey reviewing a graphic novel a day, the deeper magic of comics, tips for aspiring blogbers, and how to understand graphic novels.
49 min


Vanda hosts a busy Tight Ends episode this week and includes singing with her nephew Josh, football with her husband Frank, a half-time show with Katie Fipke from Between Friends, and a discussion with Elliot from Beach YYC about Calgary's first indoor beach. 
65 min
On the newly christened Blank Line edition of The 4th Line, Carl, Joel and Tiny Mike take a look at the NFL season ahead and whether fighting belongs in baseball. Plus, Mike posits a weird question that has them all wondering who they would bring back to a baby?
63 min
Season 4 Episode 9
Press Start to Join has Josh and Alan covering the Smash Ultimate direct, discussing an intersection IMAX Marvel movie event, and sharing some podcast recommendations.
63 min
On I Have Some Notes, Gregg, Colin and Scott are joined by Brandon Schatz, co-owner of Variant Edition Comics & Culture, to fix DC's Justice League
74 min
Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty recap a big Week 10 on the 2 and Out CFL Podcast. Redblacks, Esks and Riders all win big while the Argos squeak out another close one. 
70 min
On Assumptions, Kyle and Daniel talk with Dr. Barry Danylak about his practices as a single, celibate Christian, and his understanding of the historical context of first century sexual ethics.
70 min
On this episode of Girl Tries Life, Victoria Smith is joined by her bad-ass sister-in-law, Tara Scott, to talk about discovering her bisexuality, parenting values, and reviewing lesbian fiction.
65 min


Don't miss the August episode of The Well Endowed Podcast, the monthly show produced by the Edmonton Community Foundation. You'll hear about a FolkFest scholarship, a cultural program for young parents, and help for the companion animals of vulnerable Albertans.
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