Back to School Again enrols with the network


September is nigh, which means it's back-to-school season for many, and an unofficial new year for others who are ready for self-improvement and fresh starts. So the timing is perfect to announce our affiliation with Back to School Again, a new podcast that embodies that very spirit.

Back to School Again is the creation of Katrina Ingram, who finds herself once more a student while juggling a career transition, teaching and many other responsibilities. In the podcast, which launches Sept. 5, she'll discuss her decision to go back to school. She will also talk with other adults in similar circumstances to discover what motivates them and how they apply their life experience to this new challenge.

Listen to the trailer here.

Back to School Again is sponsored by NorQuest College, an institution dedicated to providing learning opportunities for all, and one of Edmonton's most important sources of post-secondary education for mid-life students. 

Thanks to NorQuest's generous support, we are able to use the power of our network to draw attention to Back to School Again. It joins the ranks of our other affiliated podcasts, such as The Well Endowed Podcast from the Edmonton Community Foundation, and you'll be hearing about it on our member podcasts and our other channels.

Katrina was instrumental in the creation of the Alberta Podcast Network, and we're excited to help attract an audience to this show and its sponsor. We have more such affiliates coming on stream in the coming weeks, which is an important part of what we set out to do when we started in 2017. (If your business or organization is producing a podcast and you'd like help to reach local-loving listeners, get in touch.)

Check out Katrina's interview with CityTV's Scott Fralick, and Marty Forbes's take on Back to School Again. And be sure to subscribe to Back to School Again in your podcatcher of choice so you don't miss an episode.