Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 43


This week’s roundup contains a farewell from The Broadcast, our beloved podcast from Alex Zabjek and Trisha Estabrooks about women and politics. Luckily, we still have a lot of political coverage from Highlevel Showdown, Daveberta and Speaking Municipally, but we will miss this show!

We’ve also got a surprise appearance from The Bothy Storytelling Podcast’s Calum Lykan on the Northern Nerdcast, and a collaboration between Let's Find Out and Taproot Edmonton. It also has funny school stories, Shakespeare and SNFU, life advice, memories about food, music and parenting, Fallout’s history, Sondheim’s America, Raj Kapoor’s oeuvre, and tons of soccer, football and hockey (including the alarming Gritty).


The key to achieving your goal in a timely manner is consistency. This week on Girl Tries Life, Victoria breaks down how to develop the habits needed to become more consistent.
14 min
On Speaking Municipally, Troy Pavlek and Mack Male take a deeper look at what Edmonton's city council is up to. There should be a new episode available Friday afternoon.
30ish min
The latest episode of Don't Call Me a Guru has Tyler Butler and Linda Hoang reflecting on the past, present and future of the podcast. Don't worry! The pod isn't ending!
27 min
On I Don't Get It, Fawnda and Paul check out Thou Art Here’s graveyard production of Shakespeare’s Will, the Prairie Dance Circuit’s Second Hand Dances for the Crude, Crude City, and Melanie Kloetzel’s It began with watching. 
30 min
The Nice Approach
On this special edition of Ed, host Shane Lawrence shares weird, funny and touching stories from some of the best educators around. This first special episode features stories from Brad Shreffler, Brian Aspinall, and Eric Kallenborn.
17 min


Creative Block has Kyle talking with Alex Putici, founder of Work Nicer, a co-working space in Calgary that is expanding to Edmonton. In this episode, you will hear about men giving a damn, security systems, and corn farms. 
40 min
Trish and Alex of The Broadcast may have made the decision to finally unplug their mics, but they kindly share with us one more episode to recap their favourite moments and interviews from the past two fantastic years.
42 min
This week on the Mess Hall Podcast, Avery welcomes comedian and performer Richard Glen Lett to discuss everything from comfort foods and mom's mac and cheese, to the effects of food on the brain and fighting cancer. 
33 min
On Let's Find Out, a question from Ben Freeland in Taproot Edmonton's story garden sends host Chris Chang-Yen Phillips off to explore the Cree calendar with teachers Yvonne and Norma Saddleback.
37 min
The Nice Approach
On For Kicks, Jessica and Katie talk about the end of the NWSL season, the upcoming CONCACAF Women's World Cup, updates on Canadians in the UWCL, and an update on the new supporter group, River Valley Vanguard.
44 min
On the 2 and Out CFL Podcast, Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty preview CFL Week 16 with the Argos vs. Stamps, Lions vs. Ticats, Bombers vs. Esks and Riders vs. Alouettes.
42 min
Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
The Young Gaffers has Jason and Adam's thoughts on the Cavalry FC pitch, and Cavalry president Ian Allison's thoughts on bringing professional soccer to southern Alberta.
44 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan talk Nintendo Switch Online going live. Josh touts a mockumentary on Netflix, and Alan suggests something most people can do! 
31 min


This week on the Northern Nerdcast, Dan Shessel hits the show floor to chat with some folks at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo 2018, including Calum Lykan of The Bothy Storytelling Podcast.
52 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
On Tight Ends, Vanda welcomes back Jodie the Personal Trainer. They share some serious discussions on forgiveness and c-sections. They also talk about Netflix and Cleveland's big win.
60 min
Ep 46:
Interplay Interactive intended to make a sequel to Wasteland. Instead, they created a whole new world. Join Josh and Alan on Press Start to Join as they dive into the history of the Fallout games.
56 min
On The Undad, Trent is joined by Elizabeth Wilkie who is not only his mechanic, but his wife. Join them as they talk about their worries for the future, the past, and the future past. 
50 min
Travis Currah and Brazilian Ty wrap up an exciting week 15 in the CFL on the 2 and Out CFL Podcast, and Travis shares a gem of a hockey announcer slip-up with us.   
57 min
On Putting It Together, Isaac Bernier-Doyle dials in from London, England, to share with Kyle his thoughts on why the song "America" from West Side Story may be even more relevant today than when it was originally written. 
60 min
This week on the Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nate and Adam discuss the Macron-branded jerseys for the York 9 celebrity match, and the chances of the Cavalry and FC Edmonton prospects wearing Macron gear.
48 min


Bollywood is for Lovers hosts Erin Fraser and Matt Bowes welcome Beth Watkins of Beth Loves Bollywood to discuss two films starring, directed by and produced by Raj Kapoor: Aag and Mera Naam Joker.
83 min
Highlevel Showdown begins with Michael Vecchio, Sharon Ruyter and Elliott Tanti on Justin Trudeau at the United Nations, and follows up with a look at the results of the New Brunswick provincial election, and Brexit troubles in the UK.
62 min
On Daveberta, Dave Cournoyer and Ryan Hastman are joined by friend Kate Kerber to discuss how Rachel Notley‘s New Democratic Party government is doing and what the NDP might need to do to win the election in 2019. 
71 min
On City of Champions, Shane Fennessey is joined by Carmen Choney, tour manager for MDM Records, to cover how her no-nonsense attitude, kindheartedness and organizational skill has helped her in a such tough industry.
97 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel talk the last week of training camp, the Flyers' decision to set new mascot upon the world, and a couple of young Oiler prospects that are making waves. 
64 min
Join Carl and Joel on this week's 4th Line Podcast for some season and Eastern Conference previews, the Philadelphia Flyers' new mascot, and Max Domi's suspension for punching Aaron Ekblad. 
73 min


On The Well-Endowed Podcast, Malcolm Azania takes us on a family outing to the Larch Sanctuary to find out how the Edmonton Area Land Trust protects wilderness. Plus, the scoop on Wills Week and where you can get some free advice about writing your will. 
27 min
The Nice Approach
The first season of Perch, the Podcast, from ATB Financial's economics team, explores the economic implications of post-secondary education. Learn more about learning as Rob Roach talks to the experts. The first three episodes are available now.
~20 min each
Speaking of post-secondary education, check out Back to School Again, Katrina Ingram's collection of conversations with fellow mid-life learners, presented by NorQuest College. The latest episode features NorQuest grad Gordon Holub.
28 min
The Nice Approach
The launch party is tonight (Sept. 28) for OtherWise, apodcast dedicated to empowering diverse communities living in Treaty 6 territory by sharing the stories of their lived experiences. Subscribe so you don't miss Episode 1!
LitFest comes early with a conversation with acclaimed musician Tanya Tagaq about her new book, Split Tooth, on Oct. 4. She'll be interviewed by Omar Mouallem at Metro Cinema. Then get ready for the festival, which runs Oct. 11-21.
The Nice Approach
Pot could change Alberta’s economic fabric, so there’s a lot riding on cannabis. Hear the story of Keenan Pascal and Cam O’Neil from Token Naturals on the first episode of We Are Alberta, ATB Financial's new podcast exploring Alberta's story.
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