Park Power brings energy to the network

We are charged up to announce our latest sponsor, Park Power, a Sherwood Park-based provider of electricity and natural gas.

In Alberta, you get to choose who you buy your energy from. You’re tapping into the same supply as everyone else, but you decide on the retailer. Park Power makes it possible for you to shop local when it comes to making this choice.

Kris Kasawski, owner of Park Power

Kris Kasawski, owner of Park Power

Supporting local enterprises is important to both Park Power and the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB, so we go together very well.

“Why is local important to me? Because I can see it,” says Park Power’s owner, Kris Kasawski. “I believe in making the world around you a better place and am proud that our billing and customer service is based here in Alberta instead of outsourced to a foreign country.  There are many factors in the Alberta and local economy, and I am glad we can contribute positively with local jobs and charitable support.”

Park Power’s support of the network will allow us to better promote our Alberta-made podcasts. Your support of Park Power gives you the satisfaction of keeping your money close to home, and you can save money, too, as overhead at an operation like Park Power is lower than at a big company. (Here’s a calculator so you can find out what you would save.)

On top of all of that, Park Power shares 10 per cent of its profits with local charities. When you sign up, you choose which one to direct that money to.

If you already buy your power and gas from someone else, Kris says it’s easy to switch, and nothing changes about your supply of electricity or natural gas. His services are available in most areas of Alberta.

You’ll hear more about all of that on our podcasts in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, follow Park Power on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see what the guy in the bowtie is up to, and to enjoy the local love that Park Power spreads.