Speaking Municipally takes root


We've got another new member to tell you about! The Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB, welcomes Speaking Municipally into the fold.

This podcast, hosted by Troy Pavlek and Mack Male, pays close attention to what Edmonton's city council is up to. Every week, they have a conversation about the context around various municipal decisions.

Troy has a longstanding interest in civic politics, as a citizen, as a community league president, and even as a candidate. He and Nate Bryant also made Edmonton City Council: The Anime Opening, which is truly a wonder to behold. 

Mack is Edmonton's preeminent blogger on civic affairs, one of the city's original podcasters, and a deeply involved citizen. He is also the driving force behind Taproot Edmonton, which he co-founded with Alberta Podcast Network founder Karen Unland in 2016 as a source of curiosity-based coverage of the city, cultivated by the community. 

Speaking Municipally is a part of Taproot's coverage of civic affairs. The City Council Roundup provides a comprehensive summary of the latest discussions, reports, decisions and other updates. The podcast gives Troy and Mack the opportunity to analyze the decisions and express their well-considered opinions.

APN and Taproot are both efforts to build new and sustainable forms of local media as the mainstream shrinks, and it's exciting to have an opportunity to work together in this way. This follows an interesting collaboration between Let's Find Out and Taproot, which brought two episodes (25 and 26) funded by Taproot and reported by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, based on questions posed by Taproot members.

Speaking Municipally is also an excellent addition to our other politics podcasts: Highlevel Showdown, The Broadcast, and The Daveberta Podcast. Catch it every Friday — subscribe in your podcatcher of choice so you don't miss an episode.