The 4th Line WHL Cast joins the team


There's been a flurry of activity over here, but what can we say? That's what happens in September as we shake off our summer slumbers and get ready for everything that starts again, including hockey season.

Why mention hockey season? Because we've bolstered our bench with The 4th Line WHL Cast, a close look at what's going on in the Western Hockey League, hosted by Carl Landra, Andy Eide and Ryan Pike. 

This is a spinoff of The 4th Line, one of our original Calgary-based podcasts, hosted by the ever-professional Carl and the always wonderful Joel Schnell. Carl's cohosts on the WHL Cast are no slouches either. Andy covers hockey for ESPN radio in Seattle, and Ryan writes for FlamesNation in Calgary. 

The WHL Cast resumes next week after a summer break. It joins Hockey Feels among our puck-oriented podcasts, along with a number of top-notch sports shows about soccer and football, which you can find at

Many thanks to our founding sponsor, ATB, for making it possible for us to continue to build the network. Hockey is important to ATB, too.