Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 5


This week's roundup is organized by length, so you can pick a local listen that fits the time you have. You'll find earthly and otherworldly explorations; Christmas dinner and futuristic food; politics and power; inspiring teachers, coaches and searchers; controversy and cross-pollination; a couple of crazy games and a reunion!

30 minutes or less

Brad Smoliak,Kitchen by Brad
On The Expats, Adam Rozenhart talks to Catherine, a Calgarian who ended up in Sur, Oman, with her husband and dog. They took a downturn in the economy as a sign to try out an expat adventure, and it has been all that and more. 
26 min 
132. Return to Shorty Crater
The latest from Makeshift Stories tells the tale of Choi Min-Seo, a successful billionaire obsessed with what he thinks he sees in a 1972 photo, taken on the last NASA moon mission. Written by Alan V. Hare and performed by Mitchell Tew.
28 min
Why to Disrupt, Transform and Switch to Google G-Suite
On Seen and Heard in Edmonton, Karen talks to Dan Shessel, co-host and co-creator of the Northern Nerdcast, a showcase for the geeky, nerdy people, groups and events in and around the Edmonton area. It's also a fellow member of the Alberta Podcast Network!
26 min 

30 to 45 minutes

LCRV - Episode 132
On The Broadcast, Alex interviews Tanya Kappo about Idle No More as a demonstration of Indigenous women’s leadership, and how the momentum has carried on. 
38 min
Alyson Connolly
Hosts Mary Bailey and Amanda LeNeve of Tomato Radio talk with chef Brad Smoliak from Kitchen by Brad, and get some tips on low-stress holiday cooking. (Follow the link to Brad's holiday menu!)
31 min
The Eagles Are Landed
German Villegas of Modern Manhood interviews the YouTuber known as The1Janitor, who lives by the mantras “be honest, be assertive, be kind, be open-minded." 
43 min

45 to 60 minutes

Alyson Connolly
Host Andrea Beça sits down with Alyson Connolly in this episode of That's So Maven. Alyson started out as an actor before returning to school 28 years later for a Master's degree. She now has a business as a voice and public speaking coach, and has a lot to share about how to value your own talent.
50 min

Monica Genta: Doing Life Together
Monica Genta is a science teacher, speaker and author with an unbelievable amount of energy and passion. Ed host Shane Lawrence finds out what fuels her, and explores the idea that is most central to her practice: building a family. 
45 min
Nerdcast: Press Start to Join
On the Northern Nerdcast, Dan and Chelsea are joined by Alan Techsmith to talk about fellow Alberta Podcast Network member Press Start to Join, a long-running geek-oriented show.
54 min
Premium Package Internet Content
Speaking of which, on Press Start to Join, Alan and Josh discuss net neutrality and how it has taken a harsh blow. They also talk Star Citizen, and Josh suggests a fun phone game. 
50 min
The Eagles Are Landed
On Tight Ends, Vanda is joined by Monique from Louisiana. They chat Hot Topics and college football, and play The Newlywed-Oldywed game! Listen just to hear the buttery accent of Monique's hubby. 
50 min
 Truth vs. Kenney
On the Highlevel Showdown, Elliott and Sharon delve into the City of Edmonton's decision to ban combative sports until the end of 2018, the emergence of US-style politics in the UCP, and US-Middle East relations under Trump. 
57 min
LCRV - Episode 132
This week's podcast of Loyal Company of River Valley is Part 2 of Nate and Adam's discussion with Jeff Paulus. Their discussion focuses on the FC Edmonton Academy and where it sits in light of the dissolution of the first team. 
46 min

More than 60 minutes

Controversy Loves Bollywood: Aarakshan, Madras Cafe, & Udta Punjab
Erin and Matt, hosts of Bollywood is for Lovers, discuss three Bollywood films that have been mired in controversy. 
79 min
Dr. Eve Crane: Pathologist
When Dr. Eve Crane was five years old, her father became gravely ill. She made up her mind to dedicate her life to finding a cure. This episode of The WorkNotWork Show features Terence C. Gannon's interview with this awe-inspiring physician. 
62 min
The Jamie Benn Experience
The new era of The 4th Line Podcast begins as Carl and Joel sit around the kitchen table —in person! — to talk hockey. Joel has an obsession with Jamie Benn, so the Dallas Stars are put on the Hot Seat.
61 min
The Jamie Benn Experience
On Future Chat, Mike, Rob and Nick discuss the future of food, including Soylent, the meal replacement you can't get in Canada anymore, plus "competition" in the wireless industry in Canada, and a real Pokemon Go nerdout.
88 min
And check out these affiliated podcasts from our sponsors and partners:
Why to Disrupt, Transform and Switch to Google G-Suite
On the latest Culture Cast, Lorne Rubis and Lynette Turner discuss their Work Reimagined program that implemented a company-wide Google G-Suite transformation, with an emphasis on the why.
20 min
The Well-Endowed Podcast heads to Fort McMurray to hear how the effects of the 2016 wildfire continue to impact the community. It also tours the new building at the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre, and visits the Valley Zoo's red pandas.
38 min
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The roundup is taking a break for the holidays — we'll be back in January to gather up what our podcasters have been up to. Every podcast in our network has a back catalogue to explore, so you can satisfy your need for local listens during your down time. We'll also highlight new episodes on Twitter. All the best of the season to you!