Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 6


Happy New Year! To ring in 2018, we offer an extra-large roundup of episodes published over the holidays. You'll see lots of looking back and looking ahead (of course), as well as many inspiring interviews, gripping stories and hilarious conversations. Enjoy!

30 minutes or less

Mexico City, 1969
On Not There Yet, Terence C. Gannon recalls an epic family road trip that saw five people squeezed into a blue Dodge Dart for nearly 9,000 miles, acquiring a lifetime of memories.
16 min
The Nice Approach
On Walkcast, Tim Querengesser learns how Julie Kusiek and her Queen Alexandra neighbours kept things positive to get the city to make their streets to more walkable.
16 min
Season 4, Episode 9
Fawnda Mithrush and Paul Blinov of I Don't Get It wrap up 2017 with a review of Reckoning, a response by the Indigenous Activist Arts company Article 11 that offers three narratives on themes of reconciliation. Plus, a “What To Watch For” list for 2018. 
25 min
133. Ceres Chapter 12 - Message Received
The serial on Makeshift Stories continues with a message sent and seemingly not received, a partial realization, and an enduring mystery. Catch up on Alan V Hare's entire story at
13 min 

30 to 45 minutes

Asking Crazy Questions
Ed host Shane Lawrence talks to Todd Nesloney, a principal in Texas and author of Kids Deserve It, about why teachers should honour the many talents, abilities and interests that kids bring to the table. 
36 min
Todd Nesloney - Asking Crazy Questions
Nicole and Jason Harcus ask Let's Find Out host Chris Chang-Yen Phillips whether the hill in Gallagher Park used to be a dump once upon a time. Join Chris and the Harcus family as they go on a trip to discover the history
34 min
Check-in 24 - Resolutions & Babies
Here's Ed again, this time with teacher Shane's monthly check-in with colleagues Jessica and Joe. They discuss big career changes, wins and fails, New Year's resolutions, and babies, babies, babies! 
33 min

45 to 60 minutes

That`s Inappropriate, Hot Mess Express and Not Being Alone with Meredith Masony
Girl Tries Life host Victoria Smith is joined by Meredith Masony to discuss blogging and vlogging, her Hot Mess Express community, writing her book, and even a little parenting advice.
53 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
On That's So Maven, Andrea Beça interviews Ashley Janssen, CEO of Code and Effect, a software and app development company. She and her husband Dana have been in business together for a long time, and have succeeded through many huge challenges.  
57 min
Ep 46:
Also on That's So Maven, Andrea makes her first foray into the entrepreneurial community in Calgary by interviewing Kristen Dyck, owner of AVRO Creative. They discuss the entrepreneur accelerator program ATB X, personal brand strategy, and starting a business after having a baby.
50 min
The Spy Who Loved Me: Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai
On Bollywood is for Lovers, Matt and Erin discuss Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's explosive spy series, Ek Tha Tiger from 2012 and Tiger Zinda Hai, currently blowing up box offices around the world.
46 min
Evan Watson, Bar Clementine
Evan Watson from Bar Clementine joins Mary Bailey and Amanda LeNeve to talk cocktails, wine, food and hospitality on the latest episode from Tomato Radio. Check out their Instagram for Evan's hard cider recipe! 
52 min

Dangers of the Old Boys Club with Matt Lisac
On Modern Manhood, German Villegas talks with an old friend, Matt Lisac, about the evolution of his understanding of emotions, and the wisdom he has gained as a business owner and a standup comic.
55 min 
Raves and Rants
On Tight Ends, Vanda is joined by Kyle from the Assumptions podcast. They tackle “The Catch,” solve a problem with puppies, and invent FFLARPing.
60 min
Die Hard 2
A Christmas episode comes but once a year, so pour yourself an eggnog, cozy up to the fire and listen to the I Have Some Notes crew pick apart Die Hard 2.
59 min
The Bigger and Better 2018
Carl and Joel of The 4th Line discuss the World Juniors and that bad outdoor game, suffer a power outage, and pull it out with wrestling.
60 min 

More than 60 minutes

Season 4 Episode 9
On the year-end episode of Highlevel Showdown, the Sharon, Elliott and Michael take a look back at the political year that was. Each presents their choices in categories like Best/Worst Politician, Best Episode, and The Political Story of the year. Plus a quiz on Trump and American politics! 
65 min
LCRV - Episode 133
Nate and Adam of Loyal Company of the River Valley sit down with former FC Edmonton fullback and midfielder, Allan Zebie, to discuss the importance of pro soccer in Edmonton. They also discuss what brought him to Edmonton, and his new endeavour TWP (Train with Pros).
65 min
The Northern Nerdcast celebrates 100 episodes with a big, nerdy roundtable. Hosts Daniel Shessel and Chelsea Thompson are joined by guests Kelly Froese from the Edmonton Nerd List, Marcus Hirchfield, Samantha Woods and Trina Shessel to look back and look ahead to more fun in the future.
71 min
The Calgary Stallions
The 4th Line guys are back and Joel is ready to celebrate as he and Tiny Mike conquer Carl's team in fantasy hockey this week. 
67 min
The Best of 2017
This episode, Carl and Joel from The 4th Line share their favourite podcast moments from 2017.
93 min
Our affiliated podcasts released a couple of excellent episodes over the holidays, too:
Anita Sarkeesian
This bonus episode of The Well-Endowed Podcast from the Edmonton Community Foundation features an interview with Anita Sarkeesian, founder and executive director of Feminist Frequency, an educational non-profit that explores representations of women in pop culture narratives. 
19 min
8 Ingredients to Build a Great Culture at Work Through Personal Leadership (Part 1)
Lorne Rubis and Lynette Turner of Culture Cast discuss four of the eight ingredients to help build a great culture in an organization through personal leadership values.
25 min
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