Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 7


This week's roundup of shows from the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB, offers a mix of business and fun. You'll get the story behind the explosion of marketing tech, and an amazing deep dive into rebranding, plus football talk, game recommendations and music nerdery. We also have good news from Girl Tries Life, a great winter-themed episode from affiliate The Well Endowed Podcast, and a warm welcome for our newest sponsor, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs! 


Episode 81: Kat Griffiths
On the latest Seen and Heard in Edmonton, meet Kat Griffiths, a fangirl of the highest order who shines a light on the artists who make the songs she loves with a podcast called Start the Music.
36 min
Forget Infographics; Check Out This Scary Supergraphic of the Marketing Technology Landscape!
Scott Brinker, marketing tech writer, HubSpot VP and creator of that scary supergraphic, talks with Tema Frank of Frank Reactions about the explosion of marketing technology tools and how to choose the right ones.
32 min


I Don’t Like Black Mondays
On Tight Ends, Vanda is joined by her husband Frank to catch up on all the NFL happenings, as well as to discuss The Last Jedi and their playoff picks heading into last weekend's wildcard round. 
55 min
Press Start to Join's Alan and Josh discuss Firebat entering the Storm, and iPhone batteries stirring some controversy. Josh recommends a game for mobile, and Alan presents a really cool book. 
47 min


A Deep Dive into Rebranding with Claire Theaker-Brown
That's So Maven host Andrea Beça sits down with Claire Theaker-Brown to have an in-depth discussion about the process of rebranding a business. Claire is the owner of Unbelts, which completed its rebrand in July of 2017 after many years of operating as Flatter:Me Belts.
1 hour, 10 min
What Are You Letting Go Of? - Girl Tries Life
Victoria Smith of Girl Tries Life has some exciting news — she's going weekly! In the first of her biweekly coaching sessions, she talks about what you need to let go of in 2018 in order to achieve your dreams. These will alternate with interviews with inspiring women.
11 min
Affiliates and sponsors
The Calgary Stallions
The Well-Endowed Podcast from the Edmonton Community Foundation features an arctic expedition with Cassandra Pryer, and a discussion with artist Carla Rae Taylor about the Paint the Rails project telling Edmonton stories through public art. You'll also hear about the Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival, and Michael Phair's legacy.
40 min
The Best of 2017
We're thrilled to welcome Alberta Women Entrepreneurs as our latest sponsor. AWE presents its annual Learning Day on Feb. 20 in Edmonton. Listen to upcoming episodes of That's So Maven, Girl Tries Life, Don't Call Me A Guru, Frank Reactions, I Don't Get It, Tomato Radio and Tight Ends for a promo code for APN listeners!
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