Alberta Podcast Network Gift Guide

Looking for something unusual and podcast-y to give this holiday season? We’d like to draw your attention to some of the goods and services that our members and partners have to offer

Josh and Alan of Press Start to Join have a variety of T-shirt designs, including this one inspired by a listener.
This T-shirt was inspired by one of Vanda's co-hosts on Tight Ends. It looks good, and it's good advice, too.
The doc about Grant Fuhr, co-produced by Shane Fennessey of City of Champions, has a variety of items available.
Next Gen Men, which works with German Villegas of Modern Manhood, sells these fun, deliberately mismatched socks to support its work.
Help a friend or relative stay informed and support local journalism with membership in Taproot, producer of Speaking Municipally.
Know someone who wants to get away? Victoria Smith of Girl Tries Life can help with How to Take a Leave of Absence to Travel.
Pamella Heikel of Healthy Lifestyle Design offers a variety of sessions and packages to help the mind and body.
Hire Calum Lykan of The Bothy Storytelling Podcast to put on a true Scottish Ceilidh in your home.
Our friends at SeatGIANT have a ton of tickets available to sports and shows. Use the offer code "apn" for 5% off.
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