Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 12


You'll find episodes about adventures in Denmark, the theatre, and the classroom; the past and future of computing; better ways to sell and smarter ways to brand; Babes Who Brunch and men who feel; movies that stink and chocolate that's divine; trade wars and hockey fights. All of this among the recent offerings of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.


Faster and Less Secure
On this episode of Press Start to Join, Josh is out sick so Alan takes the lead with customs and flamethrowers, icloud services in China, and R-rated intergalactic disagreements, then finishes up with a game recommendation. 
17 min
Gutenberg on Broadway
Not There Yet host Terence C. Gannon expresses the gratitude he feels for the observation perch he had as the age of the personal computer dawned. His first computer was a TRS-80 — if you know what that is, or don't, you'll enjoy this!
18 min
NEVER Ask This Question on a Sales Call
In this Frank Reactions episode, Tema Frank shares Part 2 of her conversation with Matt Dixon, author of The Challenger Sale. They discuss the art of effective selling and how it has changed.
26 min


Episode 53: A Canadian Expat in Denmark – The Expats Podcast
On The Expats, Stephanie Rahbek Simonsen tells host Adam Rozenhart about how foreigners are regarded in Copenhagen, Danish cuisine, and advice on whether or not shopping for clothes in Denmark is good for your body image.
31 min
Season 4 - Episode 12
Fawnda and Paul of I Don't Get It dive into their viewing experiences of Matthew MacKenzie’s Bears and Tetsuro Shigematsu’s Empire of the Son at the Citadel, and guest Colleen Feehan gives a crash course on Edmonton Opera‘s HMS Pinafore.
39 min
Conversation 41 - Sheldon Soper - Ahead of the Curve
Sheldon Soper wears a few hats: teacher, innovator, dust kicker-upper, tech enthusiast, writer and much more. On Ed, Shane Lawrence discovers how all of these roles are bound up in a single man who is passionate about education. 
44 min
017 | The importance of having brand experts at the table and how purpose is new form of disruption with Ray DePaul - Part 2 - Marca Strategy
On A Branded World, Luiza Campos shares Part 2 of her conversation with Ray DePaul, who now advises on entrepreneurship and innovation at Mount Royal University. They discuss bringing marketing in early, truly knowing your audience, and the importance of purpose.
42 min


 Mandy Balak
This week on That's So Maven, Andrea Beça sits down with Calgary's Mandy Balak, founder of It's Date Night and The Ace Class, with whom Andrea has been working to bring fantastic events like Babes Who Brunch to Edmonton. 
47 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven Schapansky and Rachel Donner talk Olympic Fever, Flyers (and 76ers) being undefeated since the Eagles’ Super Bowl win, the Oilers playoffs hopes being likely done, and a report on Flyers’ Pride night.
56 min
Ep 46:
Join Dan and Chelsea on this episode of Northern Nerdcast as they sit down with Matt Schuurman from Rapid Fire Theatre, an award-winning improv company that brings made-up-on-the-spot stories to Edmonton's Citadel Theatre. 
59 min
The Spy Who Loved Me: Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai
On Press Start to Join, Josh test-drives a new podcast idea co-hosted by his sister Hannah. One of them chooses a movie, and the other reviews it. Josh is not a fan of the first choice, but he gives it his full attention.
52 min
Nerdcast ep.105 Rapid Fire Theater
Tomato Radio hosts Mary Bailey and Amanda LeNeve talk chocolate and Moscato d'Asti with Mike Freeland of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut. A Valentine's Day theme but delicious any day!
54 min
Bonus Episode 4Burn It All Down
For this bonus episode of Ed, Shane is joined by Brad Shreffler of the Planning Period Podcast to ask perhaps the most fundamental question of all: Do we even need public education? 
49 min


The Calgary Stallions
Carl and Joel of The 4th Line are back and ready to break down the NHL news of the week, including suspensions for Dustin Brown and Alexandre Burrows, and GM Pierre Dorion’s contract. They also discuss Glen Sather and Jeff Gorton's letter to the fans. 
65 min
The Best of 2017
Joined this week by Josh and Alan of Press Start to Join, Scott and Gregg of I Have Some Notes tackle Street Fighter. Together, they quarter motion punch and quarter motion kick the crap out of Steven de Souza’s directorial debut.
65 min
Boushie Verdict and #TradeWar from B.C.
On Highlevel Showdown, Michael, Elliot and Sharon discuss the acquittal of Gerald Stanley in the death of Colten Bushie, then go on to analyze the trade war between Alberta and B.C. with their special guest Jordan Dowler-Coltman.
72 min
“Men, Hold Space for One Another” – Relationships and Anger w/ Lyndsay Chaban
Join German Villegas of Modern Manhood as he sits down with psychologist Lyndsay Chaban to discuss the path she took and the advice she offers men in regards to relationships, feelings, and anger. 
63 min
Affiliates and sponsors
The Well Endowed Podcast: Black History Month
The latest episode of the Edmonton Community Foundation's podcast explores the 26th annual AfroQuiz and the celebration of Black music and visual art known as 5 Artists, 1 Love. It also checks in with the racism-busters at the  Edmonton Shift Lab.
Analyzing the Current State of Recognition, Acknowledgment and the Reward System
Don't miss the latest episode of Culture Cast, in which Lorne Rubs and Lynette Turner discuss and analyze recognition, acknowledgment and the reward system, partly through the lens of ATB's experience. It’s not just “what you did,” it’s “how you did it.”
AWE Learning Day Enhancing Opportunities
Last call for tickets to Alberta Women Entrepreneurs' Learning Day on Feb. 20 in Edmonton. Hear inspiring and educational talks from industry experts on topics including HR, social media, and e-commerce, among others 
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How to start a podcast: From notion to reality

If you've been wanting to start a podcast, and you're going to be in Calgary on Feb. 25, then you need to get yourself to our workshop at Mount Royal University. Meg Wilcox and Kyle Marshall will take you through the steps to come up with a good idea, sort out the logistics and overcome the technical hurdles to get your idea out of your heads and into someone's ears!

P.S. We're running the workshop in Edmonton again on April 7. Details here.