Two more join the network!


Today we announce the addition of two more podcasts to the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB!

The Young Gaffers offers a "refreshing, ridiculous, and uniquely Canadian perspective on all corners of the soccer world," as hosts Jason and Adam say. "From the Premier League to Major League Soccer to their recreational pub league, nobody is safe from this irreverent look at The Beautiful Game." 

That gives us a trifecta of soccer podcasts in the network, with The Young Gaffers joining For Kicks, which focuses on women's soccer, and Loyal Company of the River Valley, which focuses on Canadian men's soccer.

Our other addition this time around is That's a Thing?!, a "sometimes belated, already outdated guide to your teens, tweens and everything under 20." In it, you'll hear Elizabeth teensplain her media culture to her mom, Karen (aka your correspondent and president of this network), who offers in return some perspective from the olds. 

That's A Thing?! will eventually replace Karen's other podcast, Seen and Heard in Edmonton, which recently ended its run. We'll leave it in the grid for a little while longer, because hey, there are still some good episodes there for you to check out. 

We're gearing up for a big year. Stay tuned for changes to the network lineup, as well as a number of workshops and events, which you can find on our Events page.

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