Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 11


We bring you a super-sized roundup, to catch up on all of the episodes published since the last time we did this, and to establish the roundup as a Friday thing from now on. We're thinking this might equip you with some weekend listening, and it works out a little better for highlighting our weekly podcasts. So, buckle up — there's a lot to choose from!


Mexico City, 1969
On The Expats, host Adam Rozenhart talks with Emma, a Canadian living in London, about what she misses and how she is teaching her children about her home.
24 min
The Nice Approach
Alan V Hare's serial continues on Makeshift Stories. Check in on the latest intrigue happening on the obscure dwarf world known as Ceres.
12 min
Season 4, Episode 9
On this episode of Girl Tries Life, host Victoria Smith puts forth an exciting challenge for herself this year —to take on 100 courageous moments.
10 min
133. Ceres Chapter 12 - Message Received
Tema Frank of Frank Reactions talks with Matt Dixon, author of The Effortless Experience, about two ways to track success. 
29 min


The Case of the Christmas Train
On The Broadcast, Trisha Estabrooks and Alex Zabjek take a look at how stories of sexual harassment and misconduct have blown open conversations about systemic problems in the halls of power.
32 min
What you need to succeed at building a business and a meaningful brand
On A Branded World, here's Part 1 of Luiza Campos's conversation with Ray DePaul, a former Blackberry executive who now advises on entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University. 
35 min
How Quizzes Can Attract and Engage Audiences
Also on A Branded World, Luiza interviews Josh Haynam, the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses to attract and connect with audiences through quizzes.
44 min
What Does It Take To Train For The Olympics
Have you ever wondered what goes into becoming a professional athlete? Synchronized swimmer Claudia Holzner shares the journey with Victoria Smith on Girl Tries Life.
42 min
The Case of the Christmas Train
On Let's Find Out, Glen Carlson asks host Chris Chang-Yen Phillips and assistant producer Oumar Salifou to help him figure out whether the Bay in downtown Edmnton really used to have a Christmas train on the roof.
33 min
Jon Harper - Shedding Our Shields
Jon Harper is the host of the My Bad podcast, so Ed's Shane Lawrence focuses this conversation on mistakes and failures. Failure isn't just a building block for future success, Harper says; other benefits ensue.
38 min
 Boring Flamethrower
Press Start to Join hosts Josh and Alan discuss an old internet scam getting fixed by Microsoft, San Francisco's plans to clear out now-legal substance convictions, and two recommendations with some DnD flair. 
41 min
Riding Horses
Ed host Shane Lawrence is joined by colleagues Shaun and Jessica to talk about anxiety at school, and the prevalence of students on the edge, be it from exams, over-scheduling, or difficult life circumstances. 
42 min


Joe Parrottino, Ace Coffee Roasters & Leva Cafe
This episode, Mary Bailey and Amanda LeNeve of Tomato Radio talk coffee and Italy's connections to Alberta with Joe Parrottino of Ace Coffee Roasters and Leva Cafe.
53 min
On My Way to Steal Your Girl, or, Padmaavat, At Last!
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s long awaited epic Padmaavat is finally out, and hosts Erin and Matt of Bollywood is for Lovers pose the question: Is it any good? 
52 min
Epidose 9: Joe Parrottino, Ace Coffee Roasters & Leva Cafe
On The Loyal Company of the River Valley, hosts Nate and Adam talk with Ricardo Casanova about the YEG Soccer Project, soccer in Edmonton, and the accessibility of the facilities.
52 min
The 4th Line Hockey Podcast #164 - The Bigger and Better 2018 - The 4th Line Podcast
The pre-Super Bowl episode of Tight Ends has Vanda talking Patriots and Eagles. Her husband Frank joins to chat Super Bowl parties (he makes the best dip) and some Australian Open. 
53 min
Ep 46:
On Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel discuss the NHL All-Star Weekend, Brad Marchand playing (and being booed) despite being suspended, video review controversies, and more.
59 min


Season 4 Episode 9
On this episode of That's So Maven, Andrea Beça is joined by Nicole Perry from Feminist Counselor Edmonton to take a deep dive into the mental health of entrepreneurship. They discuss making space for yourself, boundaries, stress, and how to say, "That's enough for today."
61 min
NWSL draft, Canadian trades, CONCACAF Women`s U20 Championship tournament
On For Kicks, Jessica and Katie talk about the National Women's Soccer League draft and how changes have impacted Canadians. Also, the disappointing result of a recent U20 Women's World Cup qualifying tournament.
64 min
Super Mario
Also on That's So Maven, Andrea Beça sits down with Lynsae and Marnie, the mother-daughter duo behind The Nook Cafe, a cozy new spot bringing accessibility and inclusivity to the heart of Edmonton. She's had siblings on before, but this was the first interview she's done so far with a mother and daughter who work together!
75 min
Super Mario
On Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan dive into the extensive history of the largest franchise in all of gaming, Super Mario.
69 min
Dan and Chelsea of Northern Nerdcast chat with teacher Scott Hebert about how he incorporates gaming into his curriculum. 
62 min
Canada says: "Me Too"
Michael, Elliott and Sharon of Highlevel Showdown discuss Jason Kenney's official swearing in as an Alberta MLA, accusations of sexual misconduct in Canadian politics, and if there will be legislation in response. 
64 min
 Flip Flop Fridays
Mike and Rob of Desktop discuss the latest in printers and Twitter tech support, followed by an in-depth discussion about monetization of creative projects and YouTube, from the side of a couple of micro-creators.
86 min
Trade War
On Highlevel Showdown, Elliott and Sharon soldier on without Michael discuss Alberta's trade war with British Columbia, Derek Fildebrandt's departure from the United Conservative Party, and the continuing saga of #TrumpWatch.
61 min
February 7, 2018
Hockey Feels hosts Steven and Rachel talk Hockey Is For Everyone, Pride Nights, Flyers stumbling through the week, Connor McDavid being amazing, and Fly Eagles Fly! 
61 min
The Interfering Rant Shack
Carl and Joel of The 4th Line cover the All-Star Weekend, as well as goalie interference and what should be done to bring clarity to the confusion.
61 min
The Doctor Is In
Also on The 4th Line, Carl and Joel chat about goalie trades, shake their heads at some weird penalty calls, issue some "medical" advice, and try to fix the Habs. 
69 min

Affiliated podcasts

Black History Month
Listen in as The Well-Endowed Podcast geeks out on Black history with Minister Faust, as he looks at the 26th annual AfroQuiz. Plus, Darren Jordan and Nigel Williams chat about 5 Artists, 1 Love, which is celebrating the history of Black music and visual art as part of Black History Month. 
44 min
Analyzing the Current State of Recognition, Acknowledgment and the Reward System
On the latest Culture Cast, Lorne and Lynette analyze recognition, acknowledgment and the reward system. It’s not just about “what you did,” it’s about “how you did it.”
23 min
Episode 18 - Black History Month - The Well Endowed Podcast
You still have time to buy a ticket to attend Alberta Women Entrepreneurs' Learning Day on Feb. 20 in Edmonton. Hear inspiring and educational talks from industry experts on topics including HR, social media, and e-commerce. Listen for a promo code in various APN shows!
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Whew! That's a lot. Future roundups will be a little tighter, at least until we grow again.

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