Alberta Podcast Network Roundup 15


We've got some fun criss-crosses this week, with Girl Tries Life's Victoria Smith guesting on Tight Ends, and Modern Manhood's German Villegas appearing on Ed - Conversations about the Teaching Life. You'll also hear episodes about indoor living, leather, opera, climate change, Jets, sex, Twin Peaks, crisis, Buzzfeed, ranting, soccer, tech, politics, and Daredevil.


Today's coaching episode of Girl Tries Life is inspired by the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. Host Victoria Smith dives into the lies she tells herself, and challenges you to do the same.
9 min
On Not There Yet, Terence C. Gannon examines Calgary's Plus 15 network of enclosed walkways, a legacy of the 1970s that makes winter more bearable, but has many consequences for the city's street life.
23 min 


On That's So Maven, Andrea Beça sits down with Esther Hempel, the self-taught leather maven behind DUVAL, a leather handbag and accessory brand from Edmonton. They talk working in retail, creative education, and what it's like to hand-stitch leather bags with children running around at all times of the day.
43 min
Paul Blinov and Fawnda Mithrush of I Don't Get It take in House Mix, Toronto Dance Theatre’s 50th anniversary showcase. They also see Mercury Opera‘s site-appropriate production of La Traviata at Chez Pierre, and finish up with Pyretic Productions‘ Blood of Our Soil
43 min
On Let's Find Out, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips is aided by Mariam Macabanding and Laila Elbery in investigating how climate change could affect the ways Indigenous peoples connect to nature. 
32 min
On this week’s Hockey Feels, Steven Schapansky is joined by guest David Bastl to talk about the Winnipeg Jets, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and other goings-on around the NHL.
38 min


Josh and Alan of Press Start to Join talk Heroes of the Storm's recent additionss, China's practice of blocking content, Josh's favourite board game and Alan's book trilogy recommendation.
53 min
This week on the Northern Nerdcast, Dan and Chelsea chat with Lindsay Stamhuis and Aidan Hailes from a podcast called Bickering Peaks —a weekly podcast devoted to all things Twin Peaks.
47 min
On Assumptions, Kyle and Daniel bravely work their way through a discussion on sex. What is the purpose? How does it affect our identity? When and with whom should it be done? Is sex good? 
59 min
On Girl Tries Life, Victoria Smith talks to author, Emmy-nominated writer and Buzzfeed team member Liza Palmer. They talk about Pop-Up Video, motivation, Austen and more!
58 min
Victoria Smith from Girl Tries Life joins Vanda on Tight Ends to chat about the Wide World of Sports, Gronk, and parents of Olympians. Plus some free life coaching!
60 min
German Villegas, host of the Modern Manhood podcast, joins Ed's Shane Lawrence to talk about boys in school, and how teachers can help them on their journeys to define themselves.
46 min
Are you ready for disaster? Scott Crockatt, director of marketing and communications at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, talks to Luiza Campos of A Branded World about how to prepare for and face a crisis.
47 min


Carl and Joel of The 4th Line are back to ponder some of the more unconventional players in the NHL, the NHL heading to Seattle, and how the expansion rules will impact the league. Plus Joel tries to find the keys to the Rant Shack, while Carl rants alone outside.
64 min
After a great run of guests on Loyal Company of the River Valley, Nathan and Adam return to their more “classic” setup with an in-depth look at the NASL and where it went wrong, the CanPL rumours,
the YEG4CPL movement to bring pro men's soccer badk to Edmonton.
63 min
On the last episode of Desktop before Rob goes on "paternity leave," Mike joins him to discuss what it's like to revisit old programming projects with new skills. They also talk about online storage wars and the idea that "you get what you pay for" in technology.
80 min
On the newest episode of I Have Some Notes, Colin MacIntyre, Gregg Beever, Scott Bourgeois and Erin Beever discuss what needs to be done to make Ben Affleck's Daredevil better.
61 min
On Highlevel Showdown, Michael, Elliott and Sharon discuss Jason Kenney's remarks regarding safe consumption sites, then say farewell to Brian Jean as he resigns as an MLA.
70 min
On The Young Gaffers, Jason and Adam offer up their MLS 2018 season predictions, and pose an interesting question: Is Canadian soccer fandom too insular?
67 min


In Season 2, Episode 8, of Culture Cast, Lorne Rubis and Lynette Turner discuss the issue with the Forbes survey that found 65 per cent of employees would be willing to forego a pay raise if it meant their bosses would be fired. 
24 min
Celebrated International Women’s Day with the Edmonton Community Foundation's March episode of The Well Endowed Podcast. Learn how Women Building Futures is changing the face of Alberta’s construction industry and lifting women out of poverty. 
42 min
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Among them is our evening of music and whimsy with Doug Hoyer on March 17 at CKUA in Edmonton. Tickets are $20 at, and you may have heard an offer code on some of our podcasts this week. Hope you can join us!